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Reported gas leak in KU’s Malott Hall a false alarm

A suspected gas leak in a KU facility turns out to be a false alarm.

December 3, 2008, 3:02 p.m. Updated December 3, 2008, 4:03 p.m.


It turned out to be a false alarm.

After a Kansas University graduate student reported a possible fluorine leak in a Malott Hall room Wednesday afternoon, the room’s monitoring system detected nothing.

“There’s no evidence of any hazardous material release,” said Todd Cohen, a KU spokesman.

Lawrence-Douglas County Fire & Medical and KU Public Safety officers responded to the room about 3 p.m. Wednesday after report of a gas leak.

Cohen said students in the basement room were using a laser that has some fluorine-compressed gas fed into it. A graduate student thought something was wrong with the laser and called 911 for assistance.

But detectors in the room did not register anything harmful, Cohen said.

Capt. Schuyler Bailey said public safety officers evacuated only one room in the building. Bailey said one student who was working in the room did ask paramedics to evaluate her as a precaution. She walked to the ambulance, and the student was taken to Lawrence Memorial Hospital, Bailey said.

KU’s Department of Environment, Health and Safety also inspected the room.


Deja Coffin 6 years ago

Unknown gas, was my husband there today?

JonKU 6 years ago

I think you mean "according to preliminary reports."

Kryptenx 6 years ago

That's golden. Preliminary gas. You know, the gas that warns you you're about to go #2?

woodenfleaeater 6 years ago

Does a shart count as Preliminary gas?

woodenfleaeater 6 years ago

I think I just had some Preliminary gas in my pants from laughing so hard at Kryptenx post.

Luxor 6 years ago

I know this is pretty crazy, but I'm going to guess that the "unknown gas" referred to in paragraph 1 is flourine, as refered to in the headline.

classclown 6 years ago

woodenfleaeater (Anonymous) says…I think I just had some Preliminary gas in my pants from laughing so hard at Kryptenx post.===============================I'm in the same boat as you. I not only laughed hard at his post but the one you made right after his.

bearded_gnome 6 years ago

""flourine" is that the gas that develops when flour sits too long in storage?That's golden. Preliminary gas. You know, the gas that warns you you're about to go #2?LMAO! funny they corrected that by the time I read this. wonder why.
so, now we know, KU is in on the plot to pollute our precious bodily fluids! upon further consideration, an unnamed KU spokesperson said that no one working in that basement was expected to acquire new dental cavities, for a long time. ***sure, connect this to the bio-defense award. I think it has more to do with the recent finding of a computer in that building with porn on it. leakage...check for shrinkage.

geniusmannumber1 6 years ago

"Offspring?" You're kidding, right? Oh, wait. You're the one that rants about fluoridation, the FDA, and the shadow government. So you're clearly not kidding.So explain how it works, in your world. "Kids, when two grown-up fluorine molecules love each other very much...."

Mackadoo 6 years ago

Haha, I thought the thread with the anagram of Barbara Scheigiaooibshiwefadofja's name was great, but this chat thread wins best of the day!

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