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Teens can get a leg up on college admissions

December 1, 2008


Even underclassmen should be starting to think about college applications. Here are a few things sophomores and juniors can do to get ready:

1. Begin planning

The most important thing for sophomores to do with college in mind is to begin planning out the courses to be taken throughout the high school years. This way, once it’s time to begin the application process, one is sure to have met all of the needed requirements.

2. Take challenging courses in high school

It is crucial to keep challenging oneself because college admission boards look to make sure students are testing their academic limits.

3. Take the SAT

Taking the SAT is essential in the junior year. There are always helpful preparation courses available to anyone who desires the extra aid.

4. Anticipate the application process

By anticipating the process and preparing for it, the process will be a relative breeze.

The National Association for College Admission Counseling’s PACT Guide suggests creating “draft application essays, collect writing samples and assemble portfolios.”

For example, a student can utilize the summer to finalize the best possible applications essays with several revisions, which will help in the college application process.


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