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Save money, help your pet

December 1, 2008


Sure, you could cut down on the number of pet toys you buy, but there are other practical ways to cut the cost of pet care in these challenging economic times.

• If your vet prescribes medications such as antibiotics or anti-inflammatory drugs that are used for humans as well as animals, don’t always fill the prescription at the vet’s office. Try going to a low-cost pharmacy instead.

• Don’t forgo taking your pet for annual checkups. Early diagnosis of a condition or serious disease is so important for your pet’s well-being, and it can also save you big money.

• Consider feeding your dogs or cats a nationally advertised brand of dog food available in supermarkets or pet superstores instead of the more expensive or designer varieties.

• Fresh air and exercise go a long way in saving money because your pet will be a whole lot healthier in general.


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