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Lawrence elementary school lunches

December 1, 2008



•Spaghetti with sauce

•PB&J; sandwich

•Apple wedges


•Garden salad

•Green beans


•Chicken-fried rice

•Roast beef sandwich

•Fresh vegetable relishes

•Orange wedges




•Tuna salad sandwich





•Chicken strips

•Cheese and crackers

•Mashed potatoes

•Texas toast


•Garden salad


•Cheese or pepperoni pizza

•Yogurt and fruit parfaits


•Winter blend



ameliaread 9 years, 5 months ago

well i am going to support u and everything but hey i am not in lawrence i will be back in lawrence at the start of christmas i have to finish school down here i am going to graduate but i went to lawrence for 9 days i had fun i mostly hung out with teahl and her friend lisa dont get no bad thoughts we r just friends and her friend is 39 but we did get sh1t faced i puked my ass off and i pissed on my self lol but it feels so great to be off pappers but i hope i get to see u. o i saw your sister and jasmine but any way i am going to bed i have school in the morning so i love u and call me as soon as your on pass much love bryce holladay i love you.

ameliaread 9 years, 5 months ago

i dont have to go to school lol i all i got to do is do my finals we went to the school and thats wat they said but n e ways ill be back in lawrence in like two weeks love and miss you so freaking much

ameliaread 9 years, 5 months ago

its over amelia you call me and all u want to do is fight i cant do it any morre i wish u the best and i hope u find someone who can put up with u i am done i found someone that will treat me right

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