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Boyfriend jeans: New trend in denims requires no man

December 1, 2008


The boyfriend jean is a hot trend worthy of our attention. Move over skinny jean — make way for the slouchy, roomy, wide-thigh jean that is bound to make all tight-pant-wearing, hipsters jealous.


Comfort is key, but you want to avoid looking like a hobo. These jeans are meant to be worn low, have a long crotch, long legs and roomy thighs — just don’t be swimming in the things! They are meant to “fit” you. That being said: Your “boyfriend jeans” do not necessarily have to be your own, real-life, true-blue, actual boyfriend’s jeans. A new or vintage pair will do — just be sure to pick out straight leg over boot-cut or flair denim for a flattering, in-style look.

Trouser Roll:

A basic one-roll cuff looks casual and fun. Boyfriend jeans are quite long, so why not avoid tripping and show off your feminine ankles simultaneously? Also, with a pair of patterned stockings or socks, roll your jean-cuffs unevenly. With one leg longer than the other, a flirty, asymmetrical vibe is easy to achieve.

Gucci Roll:

If you can’t get over your fitted, calf-hugging skinny pants, the Gucci roll is meant for you. It not only tapers the boyfriend jeans’ straight leg but also adjusts the pant-length and provides volume and shape. Don’t worry — you won’t be channeling M.C. Hammer. He can’t touch this.

Chic your Man-Pants:

Similar to the menswear trend, the boyfriend jean must be feminized. Pair bright shoes and colorful stockings with these pants. Don’t avoid wearing heels, and don’t avoid wearing open-toed pumps with warm leggings. You do not have to wear old, beat-up running shoes or boots just like your brother. Wear cozy, detailed or floral tops in bright shades to reaffirm your gender. One last tip — wear fitted tops that show off your curves. The juxtaposition between loose boyfriend jeans and girly, fitted blouses is another element that makes this trend enticing.


Jason Bailey 9 years, 1 month ago

I think I speak for most smart people when I say, "Huh?" This article has to be a bad parroting of an SNL skit, right?

gr 9 years, 1 month ago

"New trend in denims requires no man"Oh.....Guess it's no XXX clothing, either.Bad choice of title, I'd say.

alexhowe 9 years, 1 month ago

What kind of new trend style in denim needs a man?

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