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August 30, 2008


During July and August, Knights of Columbus Council 1372 donated 100 cans of tuna fish, 125 cans of pork and beans, 69 jars of grape jelly, 25 cans of ravioli and 112 boxes of cereal to St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church in Lawrence. This is the third year in a row the Knights have donated 100 boxes or more of cereal to this ministry. The church donates food collected from the Knights and their parishioners to Trinity Interfaith Food Pantry and ECKAN Food Pantry.

¢ University Club Bridge announces results of its Aug. 23 meeting. Hosts were George and Ailene Bocquin and Al and Carol Smith.

Blue winners were Florence McNicoll, first; Paul Jordan, second; Virginia Williams, third; Dale Kring, fourth; and Darlene Schneider, fifth.

Pink winners were Alice Akin, first; Hazel Stellmacher, second; Edna Galle, third; Ailene Bocquin, fourth; and Lois Liebert, fifth.

¢ The Wednesday Afternoon Duplicate Bridge Club's game on Aug. 20 was directed by Chris Lane. The North-South winners were Harry Shaffer and James Masilamani, first; Bebe Huxtable and Wanna Roszel, second; Mona Bell and Chris Lane, third; and Klee Zaricky and Betty Collier, fourth.

The East-West winners were Eldon Herd and Shari Krentzel, first; Catherine Blumenfeld and Lois Clark, second; David Piro and Paul Heitzman, third; and Shirley Reese and Virginia Eddy, fourth.

¢ The Thursday Morning Mentor game on Aug. 21 used an individual movement and was directed by Chris Lane. Party bridge players are welcome to join. A partner is not required. Check in before 9 a.m.

The Thursday morning winners were Clarice Broz, first; Pat Lechtenberg tied in second with Virginia Seaver; Chris Lane, fourth; Earl Core, fifth; and Lester Dalton tied in sixth with Barbara McCorkle and Jean Khatib.

¢ The Friday Afternoon Duplicate Bridge Club's game on Aug. 22 was directed by Virginia Seaver. The North-West winners were Catherine Blumenfeld and Grant Sutton, first; Kent McCullough and John Fittell tied in second with Bobby Patton and Adelaide Nyquist; and Yvonne Hedges and Shirley Reese were fourth.

The East-West winners were Don Daugherty and Harry Talley, first; Madelyn and Mona Bell, second; Lois Clark and Eldon Herd, third; and Ann Thompson and Carol Ball, fourth.

¢ The Sunday Afternoon Duplicate Bridge Club's game on Aug. 24 was the beginning of the final week for players to qualify at club level to compete in the Unit North American Pairs competition to be played in Topeka in September. The game was directed by Chris Lane. The winners were Craig Huneke and Hailong Dao, first; Ed Howard and Bobby Patton, second; Chris Lane and Eleanor Patton, third; and Jeff Mermin and Jeremy Martin, fourth. Other qualifiers were Pat Lechtenberg and Mary Cornwell, and Jean Khatib and Marilyn Martin.

¢ The Monday Evening Duplicate Bridge Club's 11-table game on Aug. 25, another North America Pairs qualifying game, was directed by Virginia Seaver. Games are played at the Bridge Center and are open to anyone interested in bridge. For more information go to or call 838-3196.

The North-South winners were Ed Howard and John Fittell, first; Donna Munson and Patricia Lombardi, second; Vince Nordberg and Jeremy Martin, third; and Lois Jones and Jeffrey Nash, fourth. Other qualifiers were Kent McCullough and Jeane Landry and Steven Goodman and Laurence Mayer.

The East-West winners were David Piro and Peter Petillo, first; John Hickey and Stephen Day, second; Grant Sutton and James Masilamani, third; and Fred Lambert and Paul Heitzman, fourth. Other qualifiers were Donald Bush and Robert Huffman and Craig Huneke and Lois Clark.


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