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Researcher: Bigfoot just a rubber suit

August 20, 2008


— Turns out Bigfoot was just a rubber suit.

Two researchers on a quest to prove the existence of Bigfoot say that the carcass encased in a block of ice - handed over to them for an undisclosed sum by two men who claimed to have found it - was slowly thawed out, and discovered to be a rubber gorilla outfit.

The revelation comes just days after a much ballyhooed news conference was held in California to proclaim that the remains of the creature found in the North Georgia mountains was the legendary man-ape.

Steve Kulls, executive director of and host of Squatchdetective Radio, says in a posting on a Web site run by Bigfoot researcher Tom Biscardi that as the "evidence" was thawed, the claim began to unravel as a giant hoax.

First, the hair sample was burned and "melted into a ball uncharacteristic of hair," Kulls said in the posting.

The thawing process was sped up and the exposed head was found to be "unusually hollow in one small section." An hour of thawing later and the feet were exposed - and they were found to be made of rubber.

Matt Whitton, an officer who has been on medical leave from the Clayton County Police Department, and Rick Dyer, a former Georgia corrections officer, announced the find in early July on YouTube videos and a Web site.

"Everyone who has talked down to us is going to eat their words," Whitton said at the time.


warthog 9 years, 6 months ago

Dang... sure had me fooled with that gorilla costume. Where'd they get it? Toys R Us? Seems like if they sold it to some guy, knowing it was fake (duh) they could be charged with fraud. On the other hand, if some "researcher" was that stupid, maybe he deserved to be parted from his money. Sounds like the ape costume wasn't the only "unusually hollow" head here. Now if someone wants the alien body I have tucked away in my Coleman cooler, let me know. I'm running out of ice and I need a spot for my Pabst for Labor Day weekend.Amazing what kind of stuff will make headlines when news is slow.

jmadison 9 years, 6 months ago

The mainstream media devotes time and newsprint resources to cover this story, but no investigative resources to John Edwards' story prior to his appearance on ABC.Is there really much difference between the mainstream media and the National Enquirer in its choice of stories and is ability to investigate a story?

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