Housing organization is Best of the Best

August 20, 2008


Tenants to Homeowners Inc., 2518 Ridge Court, Lawrence, recently received the Best of the Best award at the 2008 Housing and Urban Development Spotlight on Excellence Conference.

The award recognized TTH for Homewood Gardens Development, an 11-home development with the first Energy Star rated homes in Lawrence.

The project homes, appraised at $135,000 to $152,000, are sold to income-eligible buyers for $85,000 to $105,000. TTH is a nonprofit organization and Lawrence's only Community Housing Development Organization.


RebeccaBuford 9 years, 9 months ago

I would like to add that the City of Lawrence Development Services also received this award in partnership with Tenants to Homeowners. The city donated several lots and provided technical assistance to make this project possible. The city also allocates federal funding to create permanently affordable housing for working families In Lawrence. Homewood Gardens is just the latest example of what can come from city and community partnerships. Before this, the city and TTH had put 278 families in their first homes with the First Time Homeownership Program (HOOT). We now steward 28 permanently affordable homes in the Lawrence Community Housing Trust. The city has made critical decisions to make this program an exceptionally efficient use of community subsidy, while still providing affordable housing in a community where wages do not support the cost of housing. Although constructive criticism is part of the democratic process, I also feel it is just as important to recognize the city when they provide excellent programs for our community.Rebecca Buford, Tenants to Homeowners, Inc.

Richard Heckler 9 years, 9 months ago

Energy Star homes should set the standard. Each Energy Star home is subjected to energy audits which should be required of all new homes. These audits look for leaks which is indictative of improper installation of duct work,insulation,windows or doors.An energy audit would be wise for before purchasing homes in Lawrence Kansas. New homes do not necessarily dictate energy efficiency. Do energy audits on all homes before making the purchase.Good work Tenants to Homeowners!

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