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Freshman Jayhawk basketball player gets court date after BB gun incident

KU coach Self: ‘We take this matter very seriously’

Incoming Kansas University basketball player Markieff Morris is accused of shooting an Airsoft rifle BB gun out of his university dorm room, possibly hitting a woman in the courtyard below, according to the KU Public Safety office.

Incoming Kansas University basketball player Markieff Morris is accused of shooting an Airsoft rifle BB gun out of his university dorm room, possibly hitting a woman in the courtyard below, according to the KU Public Safety office.

August 20, 2008, 1:31 p.m. Updated August 20, 2008, 7:55 p.m.


Morris accused of shooting woman with BB gun

Incoming Kansas University basketball player Markieff Morris is accused of shooting an Airsoft rifle BB gun out of his university dorm room, possibly hitting a woman in the courtyard below, the KU Public Safety office said. Enlarge video

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Notice to Appear for Markieff Morris ( .PDF )

An incoming Kansas University basketball player is accused of shooting an Airsoft rifle BB gun out of his university dorm room, possibly hitting a woman in the courtyard below, the KU Public Safety office said.

Markieff Morris, 18, was issued a notice to appear in court after the incident, which the KU Public Safety office said occurred about 11:15 p.m. Saturday at Jayhawker Towers. According to a report from the KU Public Safety Office, Morris was suspected of using alcohol.

A 47-year-old woman from Mequon, Wis., was shot in the arm with a plastic BB in the courtyard of the building, police said in a report. She received minor injuries.

Morris was found in a nearby building, where he admitted to shooting the BB from the window of his residence at Jayhawker Towers, police said.

Officers seized a 3-foot-long black Airsoft rifle, valued at $100, and a medium-sized plastic bag of BBs, a police report states.

The Kansas University Student Housing Department is conducting its own investigation into the incident, said Jim Marchiony, KU associate athletics director.

"We're not going to have any comment until that process is complete," he said. "The fact-finding is ongoing."

Kansas University spokeswoman Jill Jess said information about the university's investigation would not be made public, in accordance with law.

Police charged Morris with battery, court records indicate, which is defined by city code as "intentionally or recklessly causing bodily harm to another person; or intentionally causing physical contact with another person when done in a rude, insulting or angry manner."

He is scheduled to appear at 1 p.m. Sept. 10 in Lawrence Municipal Court. The case was not sent to the Douglas County district attorney for consideration of charges, a spokeswoman said.

On Wednesday night, Kansas men's basketball coach Bill Self addressed the situation:

"We take this matter very seriously. Poor judgment was used by ever bringing an Airsoft gun, (one) that can be purchased at Wal-Mart, on campus that can shoot plastic BBs," he said.

Self also addressed the possibility of alcohol being involved.

"I would say concerning any alcoholic consumption, we do not condone that either. I am still gathering information to see if that actually occurred."

As far as possible disciplinary action against Morris, Self said, "This matter will be handled in-house."

Markieff Morris and his twin brother, Marcus Morris, known as "The Twins," came to KU from Philadelphia in late June. As of Wednesday night, the NCAA hadn't determined if they are academically eligible to play basketball this season.

Self said, if eligibility is granted, the twins would be at practice Thursday when KU begins preparing for its exhibition trip to Canada over the Labor Day Weekend.


Steve Jacob 8 years ago

"He will get his fine some community service and a hell of a lot of running from Bill"That sounds good to me, but I would call it strike one.

MCwzMC 8 years ago

All this whining begs the question: Do any of you babies need a bottle?

HalsteadHawk 8 years ago

Emil Brown is appalled by this kind of behavior.

Hawk6643 8 years ago

Try a plastic BB though traveling at 500 feet per second...I am sure that wouldn't feel too great.

Hawk6643 8 years ago

What if it wouldn't have been an airsoft gun and something else? I hate to say this but I hope he gets punished harshly. This is horrible behavior for someone who is supposed to be representing the university and someone who is living in a campus facility.

TheYetiSpeaks 8 years ago

Plastic BB's???? I would like to go ahead and press charges against my nephew who shot me with a Nerf gun as well. Are you kidding me?

Rationalanimal 8 years ago

This story is simply the LJWorld whipping up controversey to settle scores with the KU Athletic Department. What is sad is they are throwing an 18 year old kid and his dreams under the bus for their vendettas. Shame on the LJWorld. They don't give a dang about destroying young lives so long as they can peddle a little sensationalism. That is the real story here, not an 18 year old kid with a plastic gun.

Alia Ahmed 8 years ago

The article says "the suspect" was intoxicated. He's not getting off on the right foot here at KU. Who supplied him with the alcohol? Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! If his judgment is any indication of his academic abilities, he probably will not be academically eligible anyway.

Uhlrick_Hetfield_III 8 years ago

Why do I get the feeling that he's already had a discussion with Coach about his responsibilities to the team that will make anything the judge is even able to say to him pale by comparison.

frank mcguinness 8 years ago

to the Yeti, and dweezil I can assure you that if someone you didn't know ever shot you with anything you'd probably throw a fit and call the police too. It has nothing to do with plastic bb's but assault. And if someone even threw a plastic bb at me they had better be advised it wouldn't end there I probably wouldn't call the cops but would end up having the cops called on me!Believe that!

been_there 8 years ago

If he gets Judge McGraff he doesn't have anything to worry about.

Munsoned 8 years ago

I wonder if the victim now has black X marks on her eyes in "A Christmas Story" fashion. Kidding aside, the incident should be addressed and I am certain it will be.

Deb Stavin 8 years ago

I answered my own question. Here is the policy, as stated on the KU Dept. of Student Housing web site:"Weapons Possession of weapons of any type, including all firearms, in University of Kansas Buildings is strictly prohibited. For the purpose of this policy, "weapons" means: 1) any object or device which is designed to expel bullet, shot or shell by the action of an explosive; 2) any object or device which will, or may be readily converted to, expel bullet, shot or shell by the action of an explosive or other propellant, and which has any barrel with a bore of more than 1/2 inch in diameter; 3) any pistol, revolver, rifle, shotgun or other firearm of any nature; 4) any explosive, incendiary or poison gas such as a bomb, mine, grenade, or rocket having a propellant charge of more than four ounces, or missile having an explosive or incendiary charge of more than 1/4 ounce; 5) any incendiary or explosive material, liquid, solid or mixture equipped with a fuse, wick or other detonating device; 6) any tear gas bomb or smoke bomb; however, personal self defense items containing mace or pepper spray shall not be deemed to be a weapon for the purposes of this policy; or 7) a knife, commonly referred to as a switch-blade, which has a blade that opens automatically by hand pressure applied to a button, spring or other device in the handle of the knife, or any knife having a blade that opens or falls or is ejected into position by the force of gravity or by an outward, downward or centrifugal thrust or movement; any straight-blade knife of four inches or more such as a dagger, dirk, dangerous knife or stiletto; except that an ordinary pocket knife with a blade no more than four inches in length shall not be construed to be a weapon for the purposes of this policy. Further, the possession of ammunition, paintball guns, pellet guns, and/or martial arts weapons is prohibited in facilities owned or operated by the Department of Student Housing."

Sigmund 8 years ago

Be careful, you could put someone's eye out! Still this is hardly a capital offense. I'd cut him a little slack.

MCwzMC 8 years ago

Nice sensationalist title for this article.Most of you either didn't read the article or are complete babies.An Airsoft rifle BB is a toy. Airsoft pellets are so light they merely leave a small welt from close range. From long range, a person couldn't feel the difference between getting shot by an airsoft pellet or getting hit by a raindrop.Give me a break. What's next? KU player arrested for shooting a water gun?

Kent Fisher 8 years ago

OK, posters...what are you going to say about THIS incident. Here we go will come up with some sympathetic defense for Markieff. He's an academic liability to begin with, and now he's a criminal. Let's see how we tip-toe around this incident. Gawd, I'm getting awfully embarassed by the administration's tolerance of these repeated incidents.

daddax98 8 years ago

I wonder how many other freshmen got drunk this weekend and did something stupid? but then again who cares, it's not like they play BASKETBALL! He will get his fine some community service and a hell of a lot of running from Bill. Let it go people.

Confrontation 8 years ago

Hawk6643 (Anonymous) says: "What if it wouldn't have been an airsoft gun and something else?"I can't believe that someone was dumb enough to post that. The bb attack is stupid and can injure someone. However, this is waaaay different than him pulling out a Tec-9 and blasting someone. It's like saying that someone who spanked their child did the same thing as someone who kicked their child in the hit and tortured them with a bat. Both bad, but one is obviously different than the other.

Ken Miller 8 years ago

May be a moot point - the guy still hasn't qualified academically yet.

JDB 8 years ago

The sad part of it all is that Coach Self had told him to go out and enjoy himself, but he still needed to practice his shooting.So he does, and look what it gets him. He figures he'd kill two birds with one stone, so to speak and everyone's all over the poor kid.

EasilyAmused 8 years ago

"Gawd, I'm getting awfully embarassed by the administration's tolerance of these repeated incidents"Did I miss something? Is there a band of KU basketball players running around "A Christmas Story" style, mistaking innocent students and bystanders as bandits?I think that the kid should be punished, possibly even kicked off the team, but don't think that this qualifies as a repeated incident...

jayhawker85 8 years ago

Rationalanimal: "This story is simply the LJWorld whipping up controversey to settle scores with the KU Athletic Department. What is sad is they are throwing an 18 year old kid and his dreams under the bus for their vendettas. Shame on the LJWorld. They don't give a dang about destroying young lives so long as they can peddle a little sensationalism. That is the real story here, not an 18 year old kid with a plastic gun."What vendetta are we talking about? Especially with Kansas basketball. I'm pretty certain the LJ World, along with many other businesses in Lawrence, profited off of the team winning the Championship. This 18-year old kid, shooting a plastic gun, could get his stuff together and rebound from this just fine. The question whether he will, providing he shows up to court, is a serious matter. I understand an airsoft gun isn't that painful. I've had friends hit me with them when I was in high school. They are about ten times less painful than getting hit in the hand or neck with a paintball, but that's just it, they were friends and we were being stupid. But to hit a 47-year old woman with anything, while intoxicated, while trying to gain academic eligibility is a big foul. I have heard from a family friend, whose daughter works at the Lawrence pool that the Morris twins were nearly kicked out of the pool one day for not abiding by pool rules. They were "rough housing" and not listening to the lifeguards requests for them to settle down. Sure, it's all fun and games, and whether the lifeguards thought it or not, they were trying to get the twins to abide by the rules and do their job. What happens if they are taking up all the attention while some little kid falls in the deep end?This is really unsettling for a couple of Freshman who never even played for Kansas, let alone went to class. The Morris twins are not National Champions. The 2007-2008 team was and these kids need to get it together and quick. I wouldn't recommend kicking the immature kid off the team, but I would say he needs to be disciplined. All of the stuff Markieff has been involved with is petty stuff, but enough is enough. The shock of coming to Lawrence and partying it up needs to stop and reality needs to settle in. It's too bad he can't be practicing like the football team or this would have never happened. I know the NCAA has issues with the basketball team practicing now, but what if they made a deal with the football team to try and get him to run laps and take hits while the rest of the team practices.Grow up Morris Twins. You will regret it later if you don't.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 8 years ago

This sounds like really, really bad judgement, but it's closer to a juvenile prank than out and out criminal behavior.Let the courts treat him as they would anyone else doing something as stupid as this, and if he still has time to be a basketball player and a student, and the coach thinks that this behavior was anomalous, then there is no reason he shouldn't be on the team this fall-- with a very short leash.

Puff_Dragon 8 years ago

She should have taken the elevator.......oh wait ;/

jonas 8 years ago

Hawk6643 (Anonymous) says:"What if it wouldn't have been an airsoft gun and something else?"Perhaps he wouldn't have shot it out the window if it was. This can be malevolence or simple immaturity. Let the people who actually know this kid decide which.

Puff_Dragon 8 years ago

K U athletics loses all cred if they don't send this idiot packing immediately. Shooting at people is entertainment? It wasn't a real gun (this time)...send the message right off the bat and get him out of here!

TopJayhawk 8 years ago

These guns don't shoot BB's. They shoot little plastic balls that are made to shoot at people and not hurt them. Most of you on here don't have a clue what you are talking about. Poor judgement? Sure. But the kid is 18. Showing poor judgement is what kids do at this age. If he weren't a basketball player, you would be taking his side. Certanly not wanting to run him out of town on a rail.. All of you guy's anti-athletics bias is coming out, and you guys arent' making any sense. Get over it. Maybe a little racism from all you folks? HMMM?

Deb Stavin 8 years ago

What is KU's official policy concerning guns in student housing?

stephenj 8 years ago

There's always one twin that's evil...He's even got a goatee kinda, heh.

Clickker 8 years ago

run his ass outta here. Quick!!

BBFantastic 8 years ago

Possibly hitting a woman below??Come on.. He did or didn't.

KEITHMILES05 8 years ago

Word is the woman "violated" by M. Morris is the mother of a KU swimmer.

Rationalanimal 8 years ago

Behold today's political correct ghestopo. He obviously needs the death penalty to set a precedence.

SofaKing 8 years ago

Get that kid a Wii - he can shoot all he wants.

raoulduke 8 years ago

Armed and ineligible...have fun with those windsprints.

Deb Stavin 8 years ago's a link to the policy. If you scroll further down, you'll find information about the conduct violations process and possible sanctions. Let's see what Self & Hemenway decide to do about this incident.Hey, I was once 18 years old (for a whole year!) and did plenty of dumb stuff when I was a college freshman. I think Markieff Morris should be allowed to stay and play, but also needs to learn to take his off-the-court behavior as seriously as his playing.

sfjayhawk 8 years ago

get rid of him now - these types of players can ruin the program from within. Forget about his potential on the court and realize that this is cancerous. I want to continue to be a classy program, not another Mizzou.

TheYetiSpeaks 8 years ago

"I can assure you that if someone you didn't know ever shot you with anything (toy gun) you'd probably throw a fit and call the police too." Um....doubtful."It has nothing to do with plastic bb's but assault." Not really."And if someone even threw a plastic bb at me they had better be advised it wouldn't end there I probably wouldn't call the cops but would end up having the cops called on me! Believe that!" Now we are talking about assault. Why do I get the feeling that you and all the other tough-talkers are uncoordinated, slow, possibly overweight, non-athletic types who have a hard on for bitching about athletes. The kid is 18. Not smart? Sure....but let's call off the gulag. You been around any 18 year olds lately? Get a grip, people.

PapaB 8 years ago

Let me shoot you in the eye with a harmelss airsoft gun and then we'll see who's upset. I remember the kids who had bb-gun wars. They'd put on their camo gear, go down to the woods, and make rules about only pumping their rifle once. It was real funny when one of them decided to pump it 30 times and then promptly lodged a BB inside the elbow of another kid. He shows up on the schoolbus with a cast on (probably overkill) because they had to surgically remove the BB. Yeah, I didn't hang out with those kids, they were way too cool for me, just like Markieff.

MCwzMC 8 years ago

Under United States Federal Law:Airsoft guns are not classified as firearms and are legal for all ages under federal law, as well as the laws in each state.

dweezil222 8 years ago

It's an airsoft gun, for christ's sake. I've been shot with them at much closer range than that, might sting a little, but that's it.

Keith 8 years ago

Looks like the coaching staff might not have trouble telling the twins apart this season.

stuckinthemiddle 8 years ago

stupid thing... for sure...lots of over-reacting here... for sure...this probably won't amount to much... and most of the punishment he gets will be through coach Self and it won't be talked about in public...

BBFantastic 8 years ago

Rationalanimal: The LJWorld didn't fire a plastic (or non) BB gun; they are just REPORTING the story. I don't think it's that big of a deal, but it's something they want to report. Know this...

Greg Yother 8 years ago

Ramsfield (Anonymous) says: "lighten up, francis"I don't like nobody calling me Francis...the name's Psycho...any a' you people call ME Francis, and I'll...

wysiwyg69 8 years ago

maybee he had a toy gun because daddy is long gone and mommy could not afford a 9mm. send him back to philly . what a thug

TheOriginalCA 8 years ago

This is wrong but they are kids. How many students pull this crap?

hornhunter 8 years ago

Maybe he should consider himself lucky, no one pulled out a bigger gun and shot him.

lee66049 8 years ago

The only thing KU is concerned about is can he shoot three's as good as he shoots people.That's where the money is....

greenworld 8 years ago

Maybe next time somebody can drop him off in columbia

zissou 8 years ago

Don, MIP and an intoxicated minor aren't the same thing. By definition, an MIP (minor in possession) can be difficult to nail a student with (even the dumb frosh who inhabit The Hill) and generally gets tossed out anyway when there's a more serious charge - in this case, assault. It's not time to chase him out of town just yet, but as Beobachter indicated, they (or at least HE) may not be worthy of a valuable scholarship.

John Hamm 8 years ago

I predict this will quickly disappear from the public view.The woman will recant her story. Saying she must have bumped into a tree or something and the BB was pressed against her skin hard enough to leave a mark.She'll then leave for a two (or three) week vacation somewhere very nice.The accused, Markieff Morris, will continue his romp through KU and bolt to the NBA in his sophomore year.

PapaB 8 years ago

I see too many people here saying it's just a plastic BB, it's just a toy, or it's just playing around. It's about him infringing on someone else's right to be left alone and not be shot with a BB, water, or anything else. Even if there's no real physical harm, it's about respecting others.His lack of respect for others is astounding, and I have no doubt he would freak out if someone did the same to him. I still believe in the 2 strike rule for college athletes, so he better be on his best behavior from now on.

lee66049 8 years ago

Absolutely Papa B.....just think what the reaction would be if the story was one of KU's basketball players was shot from a dorm room by a student with a BB gun. There would be the concern that an eye could have been put out or some other noise....but since its a player doing the shooting....well, afterall it was just a toy gun and no one was really hurt....blah, blah. blah

KURocks 8 years ago

Coach Self must be so proud of his incoming freshmen, assuming he eventually qualifies. How long has this kid been on campus, and he's already hanging out the window shoooting at people with his air soft rifle.So what if it's kind of a toy, he needs to grow up in a hurry or pack his bags.

orbiter 8 years ago

"maybee (sic) he had a toy gun because daddy is long gone and mommy could not afford a 9mm. send him back to philly . what a thug"--the racial tingle to comments such as these are so telling. Just wear a hood or something.The biggest worry shouldn't be that he's a thug (just because he's black apparently). What we have here is an 18yr old playing with toy guns. That's not a thug, that's a 6'10" dork. The question is whether we want a ridiculous doofus that still plays with bb guns on the team, not a thug. Thugs have real guns, get it?

Dale Stringer 8 years ago

Well the question should be "Did he intend to hit the person or was he just shooting out the window?" If he meant to hit her - 1. It is assault. 2. Depending on the range, it was a lucky hit. The ballistics for those plastic BB's is horrible. My Airsoft gun has a hard time hitting a fence from more than 30 feet away.

jayhawklawrence 8 years ago

I did worse when I was his age but I got past it. He is in a great position with Coach Self to turn himself into a man.Most of the people that post here have done as bad or worse and most of the people in Lawrence will say give the kid another chance.Lawrence is the kind of place where people can change. We have a lot to be thankful for. So give the kid a chance to find out what Lawrence is all about.Look at all the people who come here and make Lawrence their home. It is a special place.

domino 8 years ago

I loved the jump from "suspected use of alcohol" in the article to "drunk" in the posts! As far as writing him for MIP, he probably would have to have been seen by law enforcement with the beer (or whatever bottle) in his hand or at least in his possession. Now, if they had run a BAT test that was positive, he could be charged with Minor In Consumption but if the alcohol was not still there (outside the body) I wouldn't really think you could charge with MIP.

gogoplata 8 years ago

When I was going to KU we shot some rowdy K State fans with BBguns, egged cars driving by, shot people with a water ballon launcher, evaded the KU police after running around on the football field and climbing up on top of Wescoe Hall, and many more silly things. But we never got caught. Good times man.

mikeisthename 8 years ago

Two things I have to say.The kid is 18 years old. He and many other 18 year olds have descended on KU, away from home for the first time. They are testing limits in Lawrence from this incident to driving down the wrong way on either Ky. or Tenn. streets. Been there, done that. I know shooting people with a BB gun is VERY stupid. This is a case (a stupid one) of someone testing limits. Morris will find out how far the limits can go. The other is about the athletic program. Smaller schools get athletes with some talent but great character. Bigger programs, like KU, get some athletes with great talent and not so great character. Unfortunately, these athletes put a damper on the program, but these incidents do happen. How the athletic department deals with this is important.

Bud Stagg 8 years ago

I don't think the problem is WHAT he shot her with as to the fact that he did not show respect for others. Those of you who have been shot were either shot out of immaturity or knew you could be shot. This woman wasn't playing a game. It doesn't matter that it was an airsoft, It could have been a water balloon, a bag of poo, whatever. He did this for his amusement, not hers.I think this is 2 strikes and he needs to do a lot of running, apologize to the woman, more running, apologize to his coaches and team, more running, apologize to the fans, and then do some running. In adition he has to keep his nose very clean from now on.

PapaB 8 years ago

RationalAnimal -Your response to me is idiotic. Let me spell it out for you so you understand: KU student athlete shoots off a harmless toy. It's POSSIBLE he could have hit the lady in the eye. IF he would have hit her in the eye, IT WOULD HAVE BEEN A MUCH MORE SERIOUS ISSUE. My point was that it could have turned out a lot worse for Markieff since he left a lot to luck by shooting a harmless toy at or near anybody.Did he hit her in the eye? NO, so he got lucky, but I bet Bill Self agrees with me and not you.

gbaker 8 years ago

wait I had seen someone on the grassy knoll.

simplyamazed 8 years ago

BuddhaDude- Thank you for finally bringing that point up. If he was many floors up in the Towers, chances are that the bb may have not been intentionally meant for her. That's the problem none of us was there to see if he was aiming at her or shooting up in the air in celebrating. Those airsoft guns dont have a very good range and are not very good at keeping on target at a far distance. Lets not send him to prision until we know more details! I agree the issue needs to be addressed because this is not Philly where everyone needs to pack for protection. There are lots worse things the KU students do that does not make it to print. Everyone needs to relax a bit.

ontheotherhand 8 years ago

People like yetti and jayhawker crack me up. They are the first to say "that kid didn't mean anything" but I'll wager their ignorance that if someone accidentally spilled a tiny bit of beer on them (from popping open a can), they would be ready to pick a fight. That kid was being was being a jerk. Case closed. He and Bill Self are lucky that I was not the woman he hit because I would be their worst nightmare. Jayhawker, don't call people racist because they are upset that Twin #1 shot at a woman. Otherwise, why not have your mom or sister or girlfriend meet us at the Yellow Sub tonight and we will take turns shooting at her with those harmless "little plastic balls."What a jerk . . .

gphawk89 8 years ago

Schol Halls - Yep, I remember watching someone tee up a number of golf balls in the front yard of GP and driving them east over the neighborhood down the hill. Seemed funny at the time. Never knew what (or who) they hit. And a few other incidents involving various flying objects that I won't mention. Not trying to make excuses, but I'd say probably the majority of college-aged kids have exhibited poor judgement and done something like this at least once.

Keith 8 years ago

"Weapons Possession of weapons of any type, including all firearms, in University of Kansas Buildings is strictly prohibited."If I remember correctly, Jayhawker Towers is not University property.

TheOriginalCA 8 years ago

I remember students in schol halls doing crazy whacked out stuff that puts this to shame. But if a sholarship athlete does it, it is front page news.

Clickker 8 years ago

The fact that it was an airsoft gun, and not a BB gun is a minor issue. Airsoft guns are still a little more serious than a water gun, but they arent gonna kill anyone.The point is, he could have ran up to the lady and thrown whiffle balls at her, and it still would have been just as bad. What a total lack of respect for someone. Very poor judgement on this kids part, and he needs to understand that if he is going to represent KU, he needs to shape up. If Cole Aldridge would have done this, I would feel the same way. Give him another chance, but jeez.

Blacksheepcannibal 8 years ago

An airsoft gun? This lady suffered "minor injuries" from an airsoft gun? That's not a BB gun. BB guns use compressed air. Thats a TOY. It uses a little electric motor to push back on a spring. It's a spring-loaded toy gun that shoots 7mm plastic balls. Wearing a sweater at 20 feet, you probably wouldn't even -feel- it, let alone suffer "minor injuries". I'm not exaggerating; airsoft rifles are extremely weak, and in no way compare to a BB gun, and comparing it to an actual firearm is like comparing a toddlers tricycle to a 65-ton army tank. I'd sooner believe somebody suffered "minor injuries" from Nerf guns. I have no care for if this person is on a basketball team, in KU, out of KU, whatever...but seriously, the capability to inflict -ANY- harm what-so-ever is greatly questioned when it was supposedly inflicted with an airsoft rifle...

FMT6488 8 years ago

I am more worried about the possibility of a possible(probable?) athlete drinking in the campus dorms. At 18, he should not have able to buy the alcohol, let alone be drinking it in the dorms. Someone either supplied him the alcohol, or he illegally purchased it using false ID. Either way this does not show good character or intelligence("Hey dude, lets shoot the people in the parking lot!") for someone's first encounter away from parental influence.

kreigclar 8 years ago

Morris.....two words for you...GO HOME!..Just a soft BB gun! under the influence!! time might be a real gun while under the influence. Why shoot at a woman? Couldn't pick a man to shoot at? Too scared? So we pick on a woman. I hope she takes you and KU for the biggest law suit she can. People like you representing the University is a crying shame. Course KU doesn't mind as much as the "locals" as KU only cares about the "mighty dollar" they will make off their coddled basketball and football stars. Go back to your own home town with your Wal-Mart BB gun and shoot at your own neighborhood women there, see how they react.

grimpeur 8 years ago

Good thing the victim wasn't carrying. Mighta been one less twin to worry about. How would she know it's just an airsoft? What if this chump (or some other coward like him) happens to have a empty bottle on hand instead of his toy gun next time?Hey, Morris! Listen up, punk. Big world out here. You make the mistake of pointing your little toy the wrong direction one more time, there might not be a next time for ya.

hornhunter 8 years ago

If there would have been some one on the side walk that had been carrying a gun (legally)and noticed the gun sticking out of the window. They should have shot his a$$ out of the window, then this would not have been an issue.............. I'm looking foward to seeing this kid in the news more often.

Rationalanimal 8 years ago

If in fact an airsoft gun is "weapon," then perhaps KU should review the constitutionality of its housing policy in wake of the SCOTUS' District of Columbia v. Heller decision. If the dorm is subleased, it technically is the property of the lessee. In that case, a student of age has every right to own and possess a handgun--on campus. Careful what you ask for here KU, you might get much more than you bargained for.

ontheotherhand 8 years ago

Yes, very lucky Ramsfield. Between this little incident and the Sherron Collins incident, I would want to know just what Bill teaches (or plans to teach) the athletes about how to behave towards people in general and women in particular. I am sure City Leaders and the Human Relations Dept would want to know as well. Sorry, but I am a business woman who is concerned about how people are treated, not about how some promising athlete is going to wiggle his way out of being an idiot. And the Yellow Sub was just a random place. I am sorry that the total message was lost on you . I will try harder to dumb down my message next time. :)

more_cowbell 8 years ago

As an athlete,IF he's academically eligible, then he shouldn't be able to travel with the team to Canada, or should sit out the first several games.If he's not academically eligible, well there are a lot of other options Self can use to get the message through to him that he needs to conduct himself like an adult (and a sober one).Wind sprints, perhaps... every morning for one month. Or something similar.As a student, he should be treated as any other incoming freshman that shoots a BB gun at someone from his dorm room... whether that's a suspension or probation or whatever.

Ricochet 8 years ago

Here's a few points, The kid does need to frow up. He made a mistake, but it's more like a mistake you make when you're ten years old and you get your backside heated up so you can't sit down. Obviously this kid didn't have that kind of upbringing or he's a little dense since he's probably 18 and acting like a 10-year-old. Maybe he should be treated like a ten-year-old and punished similarly. Grounding him with no TV or dessert for a month might be replaced with plenty of community service and wind sprints, maybe Bill Self can creatively add something to that as well. Hopefully this can be turned into a situation where the kid can learn from it and grow up. Whether it's an assault or not would require proof that the kid even knew the woman was there and intended to shoot at her. Several have mentioned "What if it hadn't been a toy gun", well if it had been a real gun, and it wasn't intentional, such as a ricochet or something, sure more damage would have been done, but that still wouldn't make it assault. Illegal discharging of a firearm and maybe reckless endangerment, manslaughter if the person was killed, is about what the case would be unless intent could be proven. I'll allow the manslaughter is more serious than assault, and I don't even think manslaughter is a strong enough charge if someone is accidentally killed when someone is handling a firearm in an irresponsible way. If there was alcohol involved, that's the more serious charge available here since it was just a toy gun. (Someone earlier referred to a BB gun as a toy, but I beg to differ, it's not exactly a firearm either, but it requires responsibility of the owner and supervision of adults until the owner is adequately responsible.) In addition to whatever community service and punishment is decided in this case, the kid should be enrolled in a hunter's safety course to get the proper instruction on safe gun handling, and get it through his head that even toys that look like guns require some responsibility as well. A safety course might instill a little common sense where it's needed. I wonder if the kid had done this in Philadelphia, he might have gotten some return fire.

Rationalanimal 8 years ago

"Let me shoot you in the eye with a harmelss airsoft gun and then we'll see who's upset."PapaB, your comment is retarded.Let me jab a dull pencil in your eye and see which does more damage. He didn't hit her in the eye. In all likelihood he wasn't aiming for her eye. That's the distinction even a moron can see. It's not "disturbing," it's not "serious," it's not anything other than an 18 year old kid being dumb the first time he is away from home. Did Morris' "shot heard round the LJWorld" drop her? break skin? draw blood? bruise her? even leave a mark distinguishable from a freakle? I'm sorry, this is the grossest overreaction by a hypocondriac, mediocre media outlet, and political dogmatic busy bodies in maybe a year.Any fair-minded judge will throw this out and chastise the prosecutor for wasting the court's time. Most likely that is why the DA didn't take it--there is no way in heck a "battery" charge on these facts would stand up in district court.

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