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Extensive construction under way

Student Recreation Fitness Center addition should be completed next month

Thad Allender/Journal-World Photo.Construction on the Kansas University campus along Jayhawk Boulevard on Tuesday, July 22, 2008.

Thad Allender/Journal-World Photo.Construction on the Kansas University campus along Jayhawk Boulevard on Tuesday, July 22, 2008.

August 16, 2008


Research labs, sports facilities and other campus buildings are slated for construction or renovation in the 2008-2009 school year.

Here's a list of what can be expected at Kansas University, according to the university's Design and Construction Management.

Structural Biology Center, phase 3

Timeline: Complete and move-in started

Construction crews will have finished the most recent additions to West Campus' Structural Biology Center this summer. Working in conjunction with the pharmacy school, the drug discovery research facility will include two organic chemistry labs, the High Throughput Screening Lab, the Center of Excellence in Chemical Methodologies and Library Development and additional space for the Office of Therapeutics.

Structural Biology Center, phase four

Timeline: Under construction, complete by late fall 2008

This part of the Structural Biology Center will allow for further research in bioscience. The Kansas Bioscience Authority's first eminent scholar, Blake Peterson, and graduate students under his direction will primarily use this portion of the building.

Hilltop Childcare Center

Timeline: Under construction, complete by October

The childcare center's addition will have five additional classrooms, including a kindergarten wing and multiple rooms for 1- and 2-year-olds.

Student Recreation Fitness Center

Timeline: Under construction, complete by September

The addition on the north side of the Student Recreation Fitness Center will include four versatile gym courts, multiple racquetball courts, a martial-arts studio, a virtual golf simulator and free-weight space. With the improvements, the track's length will now measure one-quarter mile and encompass the center's courts.

Allen Fieldhouse

Timeline: Under construction, complete by October 2009

Although details have not been determined, KU Athletics will enlarge the Booth Family Hall of Athletics.

The department also has finalized plans to renovate the concourse around Allen Fieldhouse. Design elements will be added, including new lighting. The concourse also will house fan interaction zones, which will highlight historical KU basketball moments.

Other projects include enhancing concession and merchandise stands, renovating restrooms and constructing a new post-game press conference area.

Utility Tunnel

Timeline: Under construction, first phase complete by November

Construction has started underground to repair steam tunnels that provide heat to campus buildings. This summer, crews worked on the tunnel beneath Jayhawk Boulevard, near Lilac Lane. This fall, more construction will take place between Memorial Drive and Jayhawk Boulevard on Mississippi Street.

Wescoe Hall

Timeline: Under construction, complete within three years

Construction has begun to improve structural damage on the building's first and second floors.

Haworth Hall

Timeline: Under construction, complete within two years

The university will replace all of the building's outdated fume hoods in laboratories. New energy-efficient HVAC systems will replace the building's oldest models.

Jayhawk Community Center

Timeline: Construction will start soon

In the courtyard between Jayhawker Towers, a building with meeting spaces, an academic resource center, mailroom and maintenance offices will be constructed for residents. Enclosed pedestrian bridges will travel from each tower to the center.

Jayhawker Tower A

Timeline: Construction will start soon, with completion by August 2009

The apartment's kitchens and bathrooms will be remodeled, and new lighting, drywall electrical systems, plumbing, appliances, furniture and cable service also will be installed.

Pharmacy Building

Timeline: Not determined

A new building will be constructed in West Campus to expand the school and provide room for additional students.


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