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Clemency sought for man on death row

August 16, 2008


— Several religious leaders have asked Gov. Matt Blunt to grant clemency for a man scheduled to be executed Aug. 27.

Dennis Skillicorn would be Missouri's first execution since 2005. Skillicorn was convicted of killing Richard Drummond in Lafayette County in 1994.

In a letter sent Tuesday to Blunt, the religious leaders argued that Skillicorn "has turned his life around, becoming a model of rehabilitation and service to others." They asked Blunt to reduce the sentence to a life prison term.

The clemency request was signed by Roman Catholic, Episcopal, Lutheran, Baptist, Quaker and Church of the Brethren leaders.


FloridaSunshine 9 years, 6 months ago

Good for the leaders of the Roman Catholic, Episcopal, Lutheran, Baptist, Quaker, and Church of the Brethren demominations for standing up for this man's sentence to be reduced to a life prison term. I doubt that there are very few of us out in the "free world" who could or would change their lives in such drastic measure! How much this man can contribute, after making such drastic changes in his life, to helping other inmates make changes, too. When change of this significance takes place in a life, we should all be thankful. How many men's lives will be changed in prison because of this. Thank you, all of you pastors and leaders who stood up for this action!! I just read this today...don't know how the Governor responded, but I sure hope he agreed with all you religious leaders. Guess I'll be finding out.And as for you, pitiful that you have to live your life so full of anger that you actually call yourself "madmike"...your response is typical of someone so very angry. If you'll find the cause of your anger, you'll become a new'll actually learn to love yourself...and when you can love yourself, you can love others. It's quite wonderful...try you'll like it!!!

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