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Course Selection (for IDs of 6 digits or less)

August 10, 2008


Course Selection (for IDs of 6 digits or less)
By Priscilla McKinney

It was like a gourmet menu
that "Timetable" of upcoming courses
a fat catalogue of newsprint
listing classes, times, descriptions
that I perused endlessly
imagining, arranging, rethinking
which I'd most enjoy and how
they'd fill my schedule.

Then on registration day
a trek to and through
the Fieldhouse to wait in lines
with fingers crossed at every table
hoping for openings to classes
that I found most appealing
and for that large computer card
which saved a place for me.

Now it's all done through the Internet
one more fixation at the screen.
You can't flop across the bed
on one elbow, flipping pages
sampling and savoring for hours.
It's like fast food now, uninspiring
not the same delicious fare
for future thought it used to be.

- Priscilla McKinney is a lecturer in the KU English Department.


Nikki May 9 years, 9 months ago

I had 6 digits in my student ID (and it just popped into my head!) We didn't enroll at the fieldhouse. We went to Strong. The big line for me was going to the union for my money.

davidsmom 9 years, 9 months ago

Thanks for the memories. I remember standing in long lines to register for each class in the fieldhouse (not KU, but a fieldhouse, just the same). The one huge improvement over the old system (at least over the systems of the two universities I attended) is that you can't register for courses now without having first consulted an academic advisor. Serving as my own academic advisor, when seeing an actual one was optional, was ultimately not the best choice. I came up one course short at the end of my senior year when I thought I should have been ready to graduate. I had to take a "correspondence" course over the summer to make it up...and denied my parents, who had sacrificed so much, a chance to attend a graduation ceremony.

SandCoAlmanac 9 years, 9 months ago

My KUID was 5 digits long when I first enrolled as a freshman. I think my first stop was Hoch auditorium. There might have even been a time when I began or ended enrollment in the Union, but those memories are fuzzy for me now. I remember some activity in Strong as well, punkrockmom, but I remember that might have been for payment? Regardless, the trip to Allen Fieldhouse was memorable, especially during the heat of August and the frigid cold of January. I'd like to think enrollment is more civilized now, but this generation won't have the great memories we have of walking uphill -- both ways -- to enroll. I wonder if the memories of our descendents will be less rich than ours as a result of the Internet? Or will they just be different?

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