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Old Home Town - 100 years ago

August 7, 2008


From the Lawrence Daily World for Aug. 7, 1908: "Nine people living in one room, all of them seriously sick with the smallpox, is the pitiful condition of the Ambler family in North Lawrence. Absolutely destitute, the family are wholly dependent upon the county and during the current siege of sickness; county commissioner Parnell has had his hands full caring for all of them. The house is quarantined and so far there is no evidence the disease has spread. : The 25 little girls who have been camping at Lake View for the past week returned to their homes today bubbling with enthusiasm abut their camping venture. All the girls claim they will make the camping event an annual occasion. : Officials conducting a canvass of local election results today said that no records were kept on the local Democratic vote because it was too small to tabulate."


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