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Dentist wins local district handily

Human error is to blame for more than 4000 primary votes to be counted a day late in Shawnee County.

August 6, 2008


Election 2008

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— Control of the State Board of Education and the fate of evolution in the classroom could be in the hands of Lawrence voters in November.

Robert Meissner of Topeka, a conservative Republican, was leading Tuesday's primary over another conservative Republican, Alan Detrich, a fossil hunter and artist from Lawrence. Meissner, a dentist, had 76 percent of the vote with 89 percent of precincts reporting.

Meissner's victory sets up a general election contest against Democratic moderate Carolyn Campbell, of Topeka, for the District 4 seat. The district includes most of Lawrence.

The 10-member board of education has fought over science standards for nearly 10 years. When conservatives gain a majority, they have adopted science standards critical of evolution, and when moderates take control of the board, as they did in 2006, the standards support evolution.

Moderates currently hold a 6-4 margin on the board, but three seats up for election in November are held by moderates who are not seeking re-election, including District 4.

In 2004, Meissner almost won the same board seat while campaigning that he was willing to add intelligent design to science standards.

In response to a recent questionnaire from the Journal-World, Meissner wrote that he supported the teaching of evolution, but added, "As stated in the past, if the science community can come to a consensus as to the scientific credibility of alternative theories as to origin, then I would be open to, at least, discussing the possible inclusion of those scientifically credible theories."


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