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Packers shopping QB to Minnesota

August 4, 2008


The Green Bay Packers welcomed back quarterback Brett Favre from the reserve-retired list Sunday knowing full well that they've already taken the first step toward trading him to the Minnesota Vikings.

An executive in personnel for an NFL team with close ties to clubs in the NFC North Division told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that the Packers called the Vikings on Friday informing them that Favre was available.

"They've kind of said through one of their (front-office) guys that if Favre did report they would potentially trade him within the division," the executive said late Sunday afternoon.

The source said the conversation between officials from the two bitter rivals was brief. There was no discussion about possible compensation.

James "Bus" Cook, Favre's agent, has not been involved in talks with the Vikings regarding a possible restructuring of his contract, according to the source.

The contact by the Packers was termed "a feeler" in the event Favre rejected the multimillion-dollar marketing and promotional agreement offered by Green Bay.

"They thought he would agree to it," the executive said. "Evidently, he didn't agree to it."

The Vikings, according to the source, remain convinced that the Packers don't want Favre on their roster in 2008.

It appears more and more as if the Vikings are the only team in the NFC North with legitimate interest in Favre.


jayhawkbarrister 9 years, 5 months ago

Favre has a no trade clause in his contract so any trade has to have his approval. His competitive drive wants to go to a team that has a chance of going all the way. That is not the Jets or the Bucs. The Vikes have Adrian Peterson to complement the passing game that Favre would strengthen and a stingy defense. Adding Favre to the Vikes roster would make them one of the favorites from the NFC.

jaywalker 9 years, 5 months ago

A no-brainer? Why would the Pack trade him to their number one rival in the division when they could trade him to the Jets or the Bucs? I doubt this article is true, but if it does somehow happen and Favre becomes a Viking you can bet it's a 'no-brainer', as in there are no brains in the Pack org.

cardpotato 9 years, 5 months ago

This is a no brainer. Carl Peterson might offer a 10th round pick. The Vikings will have to give up a first round pick and more. I would think a first round pick for each year that Favre plays is not out of the question.

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