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Avoid mishaps at your wedding

August 3, 2008


So, you've finally found your perfect match, your soul mate, prince charming, etc. etc. But while you're planning your fairytale wedding, be sure you're not missing small details. Modern Bride's August/September issue warns against the "6 Things your Vendors May Not Be Telling You." On the list:

¢ The pros you've hired may not be the ones at the wedding. For example, the lead singer of the band gets sick, and must be replaced. Make sure you put in your contract that if an event such as this were to occur, the replacement would be of equal or better quality.

¢ Beware of renovations. Check to see if your venue will be undergoing remodeling during your wedding, especially if you're having it during, say, a hotel's off-season. Get it in your contract as well that you'll be notified of any construction decisions that could interfere with your big day.

¢ Don't be a cheapskate. What seems less expensive may end up costing more - forgoing expensive floral centerpieces for candles, for example, could lead to more costs after candles as well as vessels to display them are purchased. Or, buffets could cost more than sit-down dinners because they require more staff, more china and flatware (for guests' multiple trips) and more food.

¢ Items not requested in your contract could be substituted. Some of these substitutions may be necessary - availability of seasonal flowers or food ingredients - but just make sure you have in writing that you'll be notified of these changes.

¢ Negotiate! Vendors can be surprisingly flexible. If they can't lower the price on exactly what you want, they can help come up with a creative compromise.


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