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City to weigh options for homeless shelter

April 29, 2008


Homeless shelter looking for a new home?

Neighbors are nervous the city's homeless shelter might relocate in their backyards. The Lawrence Community Shelter has had their eye land at 13th and Oregon, but a decision before city leaders has left neighbors with mixed feelings. 6News reporter Jesse Fray explains. Enlarge video

City commissioners tonight will consider giving the Lawrence Community Shelter more options in its search for a new location to replace its controversial downtown shelter.

Commissioners at their weekly meeting will consider initiating a city code change that would allow homeless shelters to exist in industrially zoned areas.

Leaders with the Lawrence Community Shelter have said they are looking at several options for moving the shelter from its current location near 10th and Kentucky streets. Locating in an industrial area is an option shelter leaders want to consider because a shelter likely would face opposition in a residential area.

Executive Director Loring Henderson has confirmed that the shelter has looked at an industrial building near 13th and Oregon streets in east Lawrence, but said the shelter had not yet made a decision to pursue purchasing the property. He said the shelter also was looking at other industrial sites, which he declined to identify.

Commissioners meet at 5:30 p.m. today at City Hall, Sixth and Massachusetts streets. The meeting time was moved up an hour from the normal start.


Haiku_Cuckoo 10 years ago

Why is Henderson so determined to put homeless shelters in residential neighborhoods??? Where does Loring Henderson live and why doesn't he put the shelter near HIS house?

Easy 10 years ago

I think the vacant Tangier outlet mall would make a great homeless shelter. then maybe we could dedicate a couple of buses to take the homeless back and forth to downtown.

littlegrace 10 years ago

It looks to me like there will be a problem no matter where the CDIC is located so the city might as well just leave it where it is now.

Haiku_Cuckoo 10 years ago

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twaldaisy 10 years ago

Why are you calling them hippies? At the wet shelter they are drug addicted bums/drunks with no ideals except how to get their next fix. At least hippies want peace and love and not to hurt anyone (at least in my definition). The bums at the shelter don't care if they hurt someone.

gbaker 10 years ago

To don't feed the bears Reminds me of the movie "Surviving the Game"

lounger 10 years ago

How about a farm in north lawrence to teach the homeless peeps about surviving on the land when times are hard. Real useful stuff! I live in east lawrence and a wet shelter in a residential area is a Bad idea!!!

Godot 10 years ago

It doesn't matter where you put the shelter; the homeless will eventually end up down town.

igby 10 years ago

Not one penny of tax payer dollars should go to this shelter or the Salvation Army. These two shelters are continually harboring criminals so they can escape capture from the various law enforcement agencies. There uncooperative and will hide people who are on the run from the law. De-fund them until they cooperate with law enforcement to not allow wanted people to hid there. These criminals are back out on the street doing crime in the daytime, stealing dealing drugs and at night and meal time there soaking up the free services , hiding with the protection of these ill run shelters.

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