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KU opens new multicultural center

The new Sabatini Multicultural Resource Center at Kansas University was on full display  Friday at its new location next to the Kansas Union.

The new Sabatini Multicultural Resource Center at Kansas University was on full display Friday at its new location next to the Kansas Union.

April 26, 2008


KU dedicates new multicultural center

More than 100 people filled the new Sabatini Multicultural Resource center on the KU campus for a dedication ceremony today. Enlarge video

Sabatini Multicultural Resource Centerh

From below Mount Oread, nestled between several large Kansas University buildings, it was easy to miss the small wooden structure that housed the Multicultural Resource Center.

About six years have gone into revamping the center in an effort to promote and celebrate diversity on the KU campus. That goal should be better served in the new 7,000-square-foot Sabatini Multicultural Resource Center.

It's been a long journey, said Santos Nðñez Galicia, program director.

"There were a lot of downs and there were times where there were lots of ups, and now that we're on top of the hill we're very excited about that," she said.

The center, one of just a few free-standing university cultural resource centers in the country, now rests in a prominent position on the north side of the Kansas Union on Jayhawk Boulevard.

The original building was built in 1995 near the Military Science Building.

Shyam Mehta, a sophomore from India and one of 10 tutors for the Multicultural Resource Center, said he was grateful for the change.

"We were really crammed over there, and obviously this is more spacious; this is beautiful," he said. "I mean we were not noticed over there; no one knew of that building over there. But right now this is the most happening place."

On Friday, the center was on full display for the public and many of the people who have contributed to its existence. The building, which features windows and interior colors designed to reflect the diverse color of people's skin, was packed with at least 100 people during the dedication.

The building was funded by a $1 million gift from the Sabatini Family Foundation and student fees approved by the KU Student Senate.

"We have a lot of new initiatives," Nðñez Galicia said.

The center will initiate a cultural district to collaborate on projects with KU departments and community entities, she said.

"Because of our more centralized location, because of our much larger, much nicer space, we really hope to do some new programs and things that will really advance KU to the forefront of multicultural education," she said.


tranquil 10 years ago

Comments like this are why we need a Multicultural Resource Center. The programs and events that are held here bring together a diverse population of students, faculty, staff and the community working together to make this world a better place to live in. The definition of multiculturalism is the preservation of different cultures or cultural identities within a unified society, as a state or nation.Give it a try it is a good thing.

mr_economy 10 years ago

"Oh oh, I smell a big group-hug and a hand holding session coming."Your preferred alternative would be what, fist fights and insults?

smarty_pants 10 years ago

Let's face it--we're never going to be holding hands in a big circle singing kumbaya. Just within our own culture, Hispanics don't like Blacks, Hispanics and Blacks don't like Whites, Whites try to pretend to love everybody (while many are secretly racist and homophobic)...and around the world--people hate Americans! Hip Hip Hooray for diversity!

thinkagain 10 years ago

But everyone loves shiny, new buildings! Good for KU and kudos to the Sabatini Family Foundation!

booze_buds_03 10 years ago

Hey pudge your ignorance is showing.

Ceallach 10 years ago

Congrats to all students, staff and the Satabini family who have worked so hard to make this center a reality. Any students preparing to go out and seek success in our multicultural world can benefit from the programming and educational opportunities that are available through the multicultural resource center. Surprise guys, most of the students and many of the staff do not plan to hang around Lawrence and post on the LWJ articles for the rest of their lives :P

coool 10 years ago

I just hope that when the multicultural students come back to town that they'll stay at the beautiful new Oread Inn.

coool 10 years ago

The Sabatini building will blend in well with the Oread Inn down the street.

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