Letters to the Editor

Earth Day thank-you

April 26, 2008


To the editor:

The Earth Day celebration in South Park on Saturday was a terrific success, thanks to the hard work of Cassandra and others at the Lawrence Waste and Recycling Department. It was a day of hope in troubled times as we all learned ways to make a difference and heal the Earth.

Animal Outreach of Kansas was able to serve free vegan lunches to an estimated 500 people. Eating a plant-based diet, free of all animal derived food, and free of the violence inflicted on "food" animals, is the simplest, least time-consuming, and most powerful and far-reaching step anyone can take to help heal the Earth. Animal agriculture causes more pollution than cars. It turns forests into pastures, then deserts, and displaces indigenous people. It wastes and pollutes water worldwide and kills more wildlife than all other human activities. Fifty billion farmed animals are killed every year, along with 50 billion aquatic animals, totaling 100 billion animals killed every year.

We want to thank all those who contributed food and help to make the our picnic lunch a great success. For the animals, the earth and the children.

Judy Carman,



Charles L. Bloss, Jr. 9 years, 12 months ago

What about all the innocent, beautiful plants you kill and eat? I could never eat plants, I would always think of the violence when they are cut, or ripped from the ground. It distresses me to think of it. You should be ashamed. Thank you, Lynn

Doug Peschka 9 years, 11 months ago

There was an article on the front page of today's Kansas City Star about the harmful effects of factory farms upon the environment, as well as human health.Check it out.

Doug Peschka 9 years, 11 months ago

"Did you know that many scientists and doctors maintain that the human body was NEVER designed to digest meat?"I did NOT hear that from any vegan or vegetarian or animal-rights advocate. I heard that directly from my father, who continued to eat meat throughout all of his life.He died in early March of 1987, a few months shy of his 67th birthday, from stomach and esophagus cancer.Interesting comments you made, lucky_man.Good night, and good luck.Doug PeschkaIndependent veganMcCain Democrat

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