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Officials pass on selling historic sites in Kansas

April 24, 2008


— The Exxon Mobil Constitution Hall?

Not likely.

But lawmakers hoping to find loose change in a tight budget have asked the Kansas Historical Society to report on whether any of the 16 state historical sites could be sold.

The Historical Society told the Legislature "no."

The issue arose Thursday as Senate budget writers worked on a final state budget amid decreasing revenue projections and increasing economic warnings.

"In the financial situation that not only Kansas is in, but 38 states, we have to start looking at places where we could save some money," said state Sen. David Wysong, R-Shawnee Mission, who heads the budget subcommittee that reviews the state historical agency.

But Wysong said he was satisfied with the report from the Historical Society that noted several state historic sites already are partnering with local groups to help finance operations.

"It looks to me like the right thing is happening," he said.

The Historical Society noted that many of the sites have been rehabilitated in the past several years with state funds and private donations. Many of the donations were made on the assumption that the state would remain the owner of the sites.

If the state decides there is no alternative but to sell or reduce the number of sites it administers, the Historical Society recommended a task force be appointed to review the situation and make recommendations to the Legislature.

Tim Rues, administrator of Constitution Hall in Lecompton, said he would hate to see any historic sites sold.

"It's a bad connotation, like selling off your heritage," he said.


newsreader 10 years ago

I bet some new power plants would generate lots of tax money... hmm.... wonder if anyone thought of that??? :-)

justthefacts 10 years ago

Are you kidding me? These big hypocrites at the state house want to stop supporting the few historial sites we still protect, but heaven forbid they cut any of their perks or just simply follow the fiscal rules they require others to follow? The price to restore the state house would not be nearly so high if the lawmakers had bothered to follow the same bid laws that other state projects must go thru. And the price tag for the project would not be so high if they hadn't given the go ahead for unneccesarily touches like hand cut crystal lights all over. And if they'd park like the rest ofr the state employees (in the rain or paying for it) they would not have needed to spend the milloions they did on their own personal, covered, free underground parking area. And if they would sell off their "old" (two years is old) lap tops and PC thru the normal surplus property system other state agencies have to follow, instead of "allowing" themselves and their staff to by-pass the surplus laws and snap up the "old" computers at ridiculously low prices ($200 and less), there might be money left for other things, like historic property upkeep. Or better yet, if they'd make do with computers that are older (as do other state agencies AND most tax payers) they would have more money to spend on other projects. And finally, if they did not pay themselves $200 per day for every day in session (over and above their normal salaries) they might not only save some money but get things done more quickly! The budget might still be tight if the lawmakers didn't keep giving themselves money they want others to give up!! I am about as fed up with the state's lawmakers as I've ever been with any group of people. They make the word hypocrite need a stronger version. I really wish some media outlet had the GUTS to do some serious expose of all the legislator's end-run around the laws they require everyone else to follow - bid laws, surplus property laws, ethics laws, open-government laws..... there is hardly a law they pass that they are willing to follow themselves. And now they are seeking to rob the tax payers of even more - our historic heritage. Shame on all of you!

ENGWOOD 10 years ago

Dont give any more dumb ideas to Obamas Mama and Parkinson They might want to turn them into Casinos.

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