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Clinton wins Pa., so what now?

April 23, 2008


Delegate count

Obama: 1,682 total delegates, 34 gained Tuesday

Clinton: 1,547 total delegates, 38 gained Tuesday

Delegates needed for Democratic nomination: 2,025

— Hillary Rodham Clinton survived yet another day.

There will be little time for celebration, though. Time and money are running out.

Her victory Tuesday in the large and important swing state of Pennsylvania was hard-fought. Barack Obama's well-funded effort to shut her down did not reach its ultimate goal of a surprise upset.

But Clinton now faces a dwindling number of contests, and she's at a steep financial disadvantage.

Obama already

is spending twice as much on ads airing in North Carolina and Indiana, the two states that come up next with primaries on May 6. He's even advertising in Oregon, a state that he should win, where voting by mail begins in the first week of May.

He can afford to shower every contest with campaign dollars from the $42 million he had at the beginning of April, while Clinton is in debt.

Of the states left, the biggest prize is North Carolina, a state that both sides are predicting Obama will win. Clinton dispatched one of her top state organizers, California and Texas veteran Ace Smith, to North Carolina in an effort to get every vote she can. Obama's also expected to win South Dakota.

To win the nomination, Clinton needs to convince voters that Obama is not electable in November even though he's ahead in delegates.


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