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Tips help reduce carbon paw prints

April 21, 2008


Earth Day (Tuesday) is a good time to think about ways you might reduce your pet's carbon paw print.

Owners who use eco-friendly products and services also want them for their pets, according to Angela Torrey, director of marketing communications for The Bramton Co. Her firm, which is based in Dallas, specializes in producing pet waste management products, including stain and odor removal formulas made from all-vegetable ingredients. Here are a few tips from Torrey and other pet experts:

¢ Look for pet products made from recycled materials. The Web site features bed designs for cats or dogs filled with recycled fiber fill blend made from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. The cardboard cat scratching box in their line is constructed of recycled materials and is sprinkled with certified organic catnip. Make sure product packaging of any pet items you buy is totally recyclable.

¢ Plastic grocery or newspaper bags can be reused to pick up pet waste. Even better: biodegradable bags.

¢ Adopt a pet from a shelter instead of paying big for a designer breed.

¢ Consider hemp, which contains no harmful dyes, for pet clothing and collars.

¢ Use a glass or ceramic food dish rather than plastic; it will last longer.

¢ Take your dog for a walk to the post office or grocery store; pets need the exercise, and you will save on gas.


gr 9 years, 7 months ago

Face it! Pets are the reason for global warming. Ban Pets!Speaking of snickering...."for pet clothing"What?!Really, if you are going to humiliate your pet, and since our earth is going to fall out of the sky, wouldn't it make sense to get rid of our pets? I mean, our world is in jeopardy. Shouldn't we do everything possible? Could anyone give a good reason to keep pets if we are going to be forced to save a few pennys by using CF lighting?

Fred Whitehead Jr. 9 years, 7 months ago

Please, someone, just what the hell is a "carbon pawprint"????? This sounds like another looney leftism. And just how does it apply to my cats??? I guess it must be a slow news day, to waste space in the paper with this tripe. Come, on, Dolph, can't your kiddies find anything really important to print????

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