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Dog-breeding policy drawing criticism

April 16, 2008


— A city ordinance requiring dog breeders to buy an annual license was so ambiguously written that it could be interpreted to apply to all owners whose dogs have puppies.

The city policy says breeders must buy an $50 annual license to breed dogs, but it doesn't define what a breeder is, allowing for the broad interpretation. Those who violate the law, which went into effect in December, face a $100 fine.

"If you got a dog with a litter of puppies in Wichita, you've just broken the law," said Hank Price, a Wichita Kennel Club board member.

City officials say the rule could be sent back to the City Council for review in the next few months.

A city supervisor said tickets for not having the license have been written only when people were caught selling dogs in parking lots - the intended target of the measure.


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