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Parade crowd estimated at 80,000

An estimated 80,000 Jayhawk fans line Massachusetts Street to greet the Kansas University men's basketball team, the 2008 national champions, including player Darrell Arthur, during a parade Sunday. The team also gathered for an awards ceremony Sunday afternoon at Allen Fieldhouse.

An estimated 80,000 Jayhawk fans line Massachusetts Street to greet the Kansas University men's basketball team, the 2008 national champions, including player Darrell Arthur, during a parade Sunday. The team also gathered for an awards ceremony Sunday afternoon at Allen Fieldhouse.

April 13, 2008


2008 NCAA Tournament

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Anticipation for this afternoon's victory parade honoring the Kansas University basketball team is growing, as sidewalks and street corners in downtown Lawrence fill up with spectators. Wrapped in blankets and perched on folding chairs, fans are proud of their Jayhawks and excited to see a celebration that is expected to draw 80,000 people to downtown.

Parking spots on Massachusetts Street are nonexistent, as Jayhawk fans staked their claims early.

Lawrence resident Stan Ring grabbed a parking spot between Eighth and Ninth streets last night. He waited for the parade to begin with his wife, Mary Ann, his daughter Elizabeth Hall, her husband Brian and their two children, Nathan, 7, and Garrett, 4.

They planned early, "just so we could have a good place here today, get up close to the action, so my grandkids can see," Ring said.

The Halls drove to Lawrence from Olathe, said Elizabeth, a 1997 KU graduate.

"It's just really fun," she said. "It's fun to share it with my kids and my parents. It was nice to finally make it the end."

Second-floor windows were open and fans stuck their heads out to watch the massing crowds. Music blared from cars and street musicians entertained passersby.

Felicia Miller sat with her parents on their flatbed truck outside Ernst and Sons Hardware, 826 Mass., which is owned by Miller's father-in-law, Rod Ernst. They watched the parade celebrating KU's 1988 national championship in virtually the same spot.

Ermina Gauna, Miller's mother, said she felt "just pride, pride."

"The national spotlight that has been on Lawrence and KU, anywhere you go, people know about the university and what it stands for," Miller said. "There aren't may schools that have a football team and a basketball team that are tops at the same time. The recognition for Lawrence, Kansas, is outstanding."

KU students Ashley Trent, Mike Courtney and Beau Winfrey found an open spot at Seventh and Massachusetts streets. They were surprised they were able to snag such prime real estate.

"I'm pumped. I'm really excited," Trent said, as she did homework before the parade. "We're trying to hit as many events as possible."

The group planned to migrate from their spot -- where the Jayhawks will pass at the beginning of the parade -- to Allen Field House, to watch the basketball team's awards ceremony, which begins at 6 p.m.

Courtney, a graduate student from Boston, felt lucky to have seen KU win the national championship.

"This is the best sports year of my life. It's like coming from championship city to a champion school," he said.

The parade begins at 3 p.m., and will be broadcast on Sunflower Broadband Channel 6.


ksdivakat 10 years ago

Great Pics Peaty! Thanks for sharing!

Christine Pennewell Davis 10 years ago

this article has changed head lines it is have an identity crisis or something. Yesterday it was100,000 people today 80,000 oh well we lost 20,000 in the crowd I guess.

Christine Pennewell Davis 10 years ago

peaty love the pics thanks for sharing that one with the big dog and little kid is so cute and great shot of the planes.

maxcrabb 10 years ago

I'm watching the tower cam right now, and it looks like a party downtown.Parades every Sunday for the rest of the summer!

booklover 10 years ago

Short, Sweet, Great family atmosphere. Thank you team, Thank you KU administrators, Thank you City of Lawrence for making this happen!Rock Chalk Jayhawks! Go KU!

vegetablegirl 10 years ago

Okay.. what happened to the band? what happened to the cheerleaders? In my opinion, it was a pretty poorly designed parade. Did the chamber design this?

packs_of_wild_dogzz 10 years ago

I saw cheerleaders AND band. What parade were you at?

Adrienne Sanders 10 years ago

People were saying that the band and cheerleaders were only going to 19th(?) street. I was at 13th & Mass and the band was heading up the parade.

OldEnuf2BYurDad 10 years ago

If each of those 100K simply bought a pack of gum today, this was a big success for the city.

vegetablegirl 10 years ago

We were at 16th and Mass... no band, no cheerleaders. I guess SOME really missed the entertainment.

user_name 10 years ago

uh...2 ozs of marijuana for 13.2 million? that has got to be the most expensive stuff ever... LOL

Aileen Dingus 10 years ago

We were at LHS and no band, no cheerleaders. WTF?

kusp8 10 years ago

The band and cheerleaders stopped at the corner with the United Methodist Church on it. The band hadn't practiced marching since the Orange Bowl, and were there volunteering their time. The Athletes were Riding in convertibles, the band was Marching. Having not marched since the Orange Bowl, that was a really long parade.

missmagoo 10 years ago

this parade looks like a mob scene!! looks like the cars can barely get through!!!!!!!!

Kaw Pickinton 10 years ago

That fisheye lens is sweet Thad Allender! Where is the "buy a print" link?

Rickyonealku 10 years ago

Sweet Sweet parade....2008 CHAMPS....Sweet...

monkeyspunk 10 years ago

KU Band and Cheerleaders = Ginourmous Pansies

Christine Pennewell Davis 10 years ago

a stretch yeah all the way up to 19th then up to the eigh school and beyond.

kusp8 10 years ago

Monkey, how about you march it next time eh?

Aileen Dingus 10 years ago

chuckabee- that is the silliest thing I've read all day. If I were in the KU band I'd be embarrassed that someone was saying such things about me.Sadder yet- if it's true. :(

sourpuss 10 years ago

FWIW, when I was in the LHS marching band, we never marched from City Hall to the high school. That is a really long way when you have to stay in formation and play and carry a heavy instrument (in my case as a percussionist, quite heavy). It does take practice and exercise to build up to it.Dunno about the cheerleaders though. Are poms that heavy?

Aileen Dingus 10 years ago

sourpuss- It is 2.3 miles from 7th & Mass to 19th & Naismith according to Mapquest. Give a few more yards for going to the fieldhouse and I'd say maybe 2.6 miles.Not. That. Long.(fellow percussionist, also horn and woodwind player - 8+ years)

yellowhouse 10 years ago

Sounds a little prejudice to me! Band and cheerleader have to walk and everybody else gets to ride!I don't blame them for quiting!

Aileen Dingus 10 years ago

Pye- stow it. I enjoyed the parade while I was watching it. I loved seeing the coaches and the team- had a good time watching the crowd and enjoying the nice day.I'm only commenting on the fact that someone said the parade was too long for the band to march. That's a lame excuse.

somebodynew 10 years ago

If people would have actually READ the news - it was reported Fri/Sat that the band and pep squad would stop early. It should NOT have been a surprize to folks.And remember - If Marchiony had his way it wouldn't have been this good.

dumas 10 years ago

I'm with somebody on this one. Stop complaining and be happy you even got a parade, you poopy people.

Staci Dark Simpson 10 years ago

Awesome parade!!! Though I was a little peeved that we had been right on the curb since 1 pm and people got in front of us anyway! A few elbows thrown and we worked our way back up front. It was amazing to me how people stood in the middle of the road like morons. I hope their toes got run over!!

Christine Pennewell Davis 10 years ago

it was small as in numbers it was cold it was windy and I would not have missed it for anything thank you to everyone involved you guys where great.

Reid Hollander 10 years ago

Too long of a route for the band...what!!!!!I played sousaphone and 2.5 miles is not that far. It is the sissy piccolos that are always the ones griping, and they could put their instrument in their pockets!

Gina Bailey-Carbaugh 10 years ago

The band and cheerleaders were to break off at Central. I thought is was a great parade. For the most part people were considerate of others. My daughter and I stood beside the street for two hours to hold our spot. It was worth it to get to tap hands with these great young think Merrill of KLZR did get his toes roll over, I heard Scott apologize for pushing him. lol

bug167 10 years ago

I had a GREAT time and yes, people got in front of us too even though we had people sitting there since 9am. And to be fair, at least one group asked if it was okay for them to sit on the curb in front of us. As for the others, we just mingled together when the cars came by and everyone had a great time! No elbows thrown, no rough housing, no animosity. Just a lot of people having a truly great time congratulating a really MAGNIFICENT TEAM! It was short and sweet and it looked like the whole team and staff had a wonderful time. And I'd like to thank the marching band for being there at all! We were seated at 13th and Mass. but the band had just finished the fight song so we didn't hear much from them anyway. Big Jay apparently thought it was a long parade (as did Baby Jay) because they were both riding on the back of the fire engine.

simplykristib 10 years ago

Some friends and I came up from KC for the parade. We were at 19th and Maine towards the end of the parade. We were just happy to see the team and coaches. :) I got some awesome pics!

gogoplata 10 years ago

What a great day. I had a blast. My family had a blast. My 86 year old Grandma had fun. Thank you KU Basketball team for a great day.

Nikki May 10 years ago

I liked it. Some girl next to us got her toes ran over. Served her right, she pushed in and then wouldn't back up when first the cops told her to, and then when we asked her to. (Of course she was trying to get into all the cars with the players too.)

Piggles 10 years ago

I have to comment about the band and cheerleaders- the paper and ljw site both reported that they would stop at 15th street. I was on the west side across from Central Junior High (between 14th and 15th) and I saw the band and the cheerleaders. They were behind the band and being cool and windy the cheerleaders were in warm up suits. I have pictures of them. Those of you that were south of 15th street would not of seen them. My only one regret is that the cars went by a little too fast, so I didn't get pictures of all the players, but all in all it is something I have been waiting for 20 years and hopefully the next Championship we won't have to wait for so long to come!! ROCK CHALK JAYHAWKS!!!!

bearded_gnome 10 years ago

some people will complain on a sunny 70F day! congrats jayhawks. you earned it all the way. klwn staff atop Weaver's, wondered if Santa was gonna join them?

Calliope877 10 years ago

its_getting_warmer (Anonymous) says: "100,000 people"-"Meanwhile police seized 2 ozs. of marijuana from a parade attendee with street value of $13.2 million dollars."Damn it!!!No wonder this town has been so dry....cries

TheYetiSpeaks 10 years ago

Pogo is a joke and is a disgusting display of just how bitter and negative some people in Lawrence have become.

nverlost 10 years ago

For the people who are complaining about folks getting in front of them on the street...It's called survival of the fittest when you have this many people at an event. Come on now, are you really that naive to think that you wouldn't have people in the street?

blahblahblah 10 years ago

Pogo-stop it, now. If everyone stops worrying about their problems for a day and has a fantastic time celebrating something that brings the community together, that is much more important.

jonas 10 years ago

Pogo: What have you done to organize that parade? Anything?

alimpic 10 years ago

It seems to me that no matter how positive of a thing happens to lawrence there are always a bunch of party poopers. The people complaining about the parade are often the same people complaining that there isn't enough viable economic activity downtown. This event was a tremendous opportunity to draw attention to Lawrence and everything the city has to offer. I can think of many events that deserve recognition and admiration, but let's just be happy with what is happening and stop being such sour Lawrencians.

FatTony 10 years ago

Quit your freakin complaining, either way more people showed up to the downtown area than on a home football game. Downtown merchants should be kissing Lou's backside for all the extra revenue. Nope not in Lawrence just a bunch a bitching about the inconvience. You people realize you could have been stuck with the prison and downtown would be as sorry as Leavenworth. Good for KU = Good for Lawrence. Face it Perkins runs this town.

Gina Bailey-Carbaugh 10 years ago

Pogo, if you feel that strongly about it, then why not organize one? There are many Douglas County citizens who have served in Iraq, my son included.I do not feel guilty for enjoying the parade tho.

Peaty Romano 10 years ago

Got there early and we had a blast! Snapped quite a few shots of the whole thing: to go Jayhawks!

simplykristib 10 years ago

They probably dropped the 20,000 fans that were not in downtown like me. :) I was on 19th St. near Maine. :) I had the best view of the team and coaches and it made for some great pics. :)

Poon 10 years ago

TheYetiSpeaks (Anonymous) says:Pogo is a joke and is a disgusting display of just how bitter and negative some people in Lawrence have become.Great post Yeti - but do we know that Pogo is in Lawrence and not in Columbia.

Poon 10 years ago

...and as witnessed by the above post, Poon needs to find the question mark on his keyboard...

Reuben Turner 10 years ago

y'all are making too big of deal over the game. the players were just doing their job and i really don't believe that it warranted a parade(which was broke). y'all call me when they do something worth all the celebration!!!

motomom 10 years ago

what a GLORIOUS day.....smiling fans, lotsa kids and families..even doggies with ku clothes on! one thing was missing, though....our orange bowl champs...they didn't even get a would have been"the parade of champions".......then it would have been PERFECT! rock chalk! thanks for a super fun sunday!!

bad_dog 10 years ago

Yo, cletus26... Great screen name BTW... Post your phone # and we'll be sure to give you a call when anything of significance to anyone happens...Did you realize President Lincoln was assasinated on this date in 1865? Just wondering whether we needed to call...

Kam_Fong_as_Chin_Ho 10 years ago

one thing was missing, though:.our orange bowl champs:==============The Orange Bowl Champs already had their celebration last month at Allen Fieldhouse. It might have been a nice gesture to include them in the basketball team's parade though. When they win a national championship, I'm guessing they will get a parade of their own.

Christine Pennewell Davis 10 years ago

well pogo I see you are back, there goes the forum.

mom_of_three 10 years ago

I didn't go to the parade, but my family did. They were at 19th and Louisiana, and my husband got some great shots of the team (once he figured out how to focus the camera). It would have been nice to include the football team, but that may have made it too long. But remember, when the football team had it's ceremony, I believe LHS was playing basketball at state, so I wonder how that hurt the crowd for the awards? It was great, and I hope the players enjoyed the fans celebrating once last time.

James Adams 10 years ago

Took some photos on the west side of Mass. near 13th street.

Peaty Romano 10 years ago

Thanks for sharing, Nice shots. It looks like it was a lot less crowded down your end. Still it was a parade and about what I expected :)

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