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J-W wins top award

April 13, 2008


— The Lawrence Journal-World won the top newspaper award during the Kansas Press Association's 2008 Awards of Excellence Saturday night at the Courtyard by Marriott.

The Journal-World received KPA's Sweepstakes Award in recognition for winning the most awards in its newspaper division.

The Journal-World also received 22 first-place, eight second-place and nine third-place awards and four honorable mentions.

The Bonner Springs Chieftain, a weekly also owned by The World Company, won the sweepstakes in its division.

First-place Journal-World winners:

¢ News Story: "Backlog makes for a long wait" by Christine Metz.

¢ Investigative Story: "Parking lots a target" by Metz.

¢ News Series: "Mining's legacy: A scar on Kansas" by Thad Allender and Mike Belt.

¢ Editorial Writing and Editorial Pages: Ann Gardner.

¢ Government/Political Story: "Roberts to push lab effort" by George Diepenbrock.

¢ Religion Story: "Gone but not forgotten" by Terry Rombeck.

¢ Feature Story: "Kathy's long journey" by Bill Snead.

¢ Sports Story: "Beyond a doubt" by Ryan Wood.

¢ Sports Feature Story: "The venerable Venable" by Tom Keegan.

¢ Headline Writing: Susan Roberts.

¢ Feature Photo: "Graduation" by Mike Yoder.

¢ Sports Photo: "Jayhawks OK against pass" by John Henry.

¢ Photo Package: "For a little town like this, it's a big deal" by Allender.

¢ Photo Illustration: Allender.

¢ Special Section: KU Today, edited by Christy Little.

¢ Feature Package: "24 Hours in the life of Lawrence" by the staff.

¢ Infographic: "Arctic academics" by Karl Gehring and Metz.

The Journal-World also won first place for News and Writing, Design and Layout, Best Front Page and Best Newspaper Web site.

Receiving second-place awards were Chad Lawhorn for Local Business Story and Sports Feature Story; Scott Rothschild for Government/Political Story; Erin Castaneda for Youth Story; Katie Kritikos for Headline Writing; Nick Krug for Sports Photo; Allender for Photo Package; and the Sports staff for Sports Pages.

Receiving third-place awards were Karrey Britt for Feature Writing; Lawhorn for News Series; Mark Fagan for Local Business Story; Gary Bedore for Sports Story; Matt Tait for Sports Feature Story; Krug for News Photo and Photo Package; Yoder for Feature Photo; and the staff for Best Use of Photos.

Receiving honorable mentions were Fagan for Government/Political Story; Jon Niccum for Youth Story; Andrew Hartsock for Sports Feature Story; and the staff for a special section on retiring in Lawrence.


Kaw Pickinton 10 years, 2 months ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement./I'll go ahead and just leave it at that.

WilburM 10 years, 2 months ago

It's easy to bash the LJW, but objectively this is the best paper in KS. And this is coming from someone who has had his share of run-ins with the paper.Its state and local coverage is head and shoulders about the Topeka CJ -- its website a hundred times more accessible. More and more local voices over the years -- excellent photography.There are always things to disagree with -- the Sat column remains an excess, and why Cal Thomas (as opposed to some more reasonable conservative) appears is beyond me, but these are pretty modest problems.When the LJW wins various national competitions, you can't really deny that it's a first rate paper -- well-funded from the cable/internet operations. But not a chain, and with a reasonable news hole. Look at the Wichita Eagle to see a gutted, chain paper, or the Topeka CJ. The LJW is not perfect, but in an era of cutbacks it stands out as an enterprise that has adapted with the times and continues to provide Lawrence with good state and local coverage, and with talented writers and photographers.

skinny 10 years, 2 months ago

Hard to beleive, you guys don't even print court news! There is never anything under the arrest log or Police Log. What a joke!

skinny 10 years, 2 months ago

I have lived in four different cities in this state and by far the Lawrence Journal World is the worst paper as far as printing the local news!

fascinating_person 10 years, 2 months ago

sueyoass- WHAT are you talking about? Have you ever read the Topeka Capitol Journal? It's awful! The conservative spin is ridiculous and inexcusable!I can see people having problems with the Lawrence Journal-World, but actually SUPPORTING the Topeka Capitol Journal?? I still can't wrap my mind around this. I have to assume you're a TCJ employee.

Christine Pennewell Davis 10 years, 2 months ago

Kinda funny that people are complaining about the paper but yet they are reading it.

GuardChica 10 years, 2 months ago

The Topeka Capital-Journal is in a different class. Both of those classes are pretty small (three or four papers each).And just about every paper in the state that won something will be running a similar article this week.

situveux1 10 years, 2 months ago

Anybody that thinks the Cap-Journal has conservative spin is an idiot. Just because they broke one of the biggest stories in state history with Morrison doesn't mean they have conservative spin, it just means you're in denial still that your lover boy Morrison got caught with is pants down. Now, if you said they weren't factually correct, maybe I'd listen to you...but spin...get real.If you can't come up with something that was factual incorrect in their reporting, then go jump off a cliff. The Cap-Journal is a better statewide paper than JW, hands down. Are they a good paper overall? I really don't think that's true of any newspaper in the state, they all print the same thing...whatever comes over the AP wire. They can't think for themselves and just do whatever everybody else is doing. It's really quite pathetic.

RonBurgandy 10 years, 2 months ago

The ljworld is a fine newspaper. I sure don't go scour newspapers that I find crappy.

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