Time capsule spurs curiosity at Allen Press

April 12, 2008


Allen Press Inc. has located a time capsule at its printing plant, at 810 E. 10th St., and company officials are looking for information about what might be inside.

The capsule is in the building that formerly had been home to the Stokely-Van Camp canning company, which closed in 1983. Encased in a wall are three large sealed white cans, similar to those used for the beans the company once produced.

A plaque on a wall near where the cans were found offers some insight: "Stokely-Van Camp, 062 Lawrence, Time Capsule, 1983-2008."

Allen Press is hoping to locate former employees or others who might have knowledge of the time capsule, which is slated to be opened later this year.

Such former employees may contact Allen Press at 843-1234, ext. 566.


igby 10 years, 1 month ago

Don't open it!It's the green bean monster!Lol.

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