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Self’s decision to stay easy

April 10, 2008


Press Conferences & Post-Game Interviews

Bill Self's April 10 press conference

KU coach Bill Self met with the media Thursday afternoon, flanked by athletic director Lew Perkins and Chancellor Robert Hemenway, to announce his intentions to remain as the Jayhawks' head coach for years to come.

Kansas University basketball coach Bill Self, shown Thursday at a news conference at KU, has no plans to leave after winning the National Championship on Monday.

Kansas University basketball coach Bill Self, shown Thursday at a news conference at KU, has no plans to leave after winning the National Championship on Monday.

In the end, for Kansas University basketball coach Bill Self, it came down to a simple decision that there is no place like his new home.

Self rejected a Wednesday night offer from Mike Holder, the athletic director of his alma mater, Oklahoma State, to become its basketball coach.

"Home called, and I love home, but this is home now," Self said at a 4:30 p.m. news conference Thursday.

Self, who coached the Jayhawks to the national title in his fifth year on the job, said he informed OSU of his decision shortly after noon on Thursday.

Self and athletic director Lew Perkins agreed in principal to a new multiyear contract, the details of which were not revealed. Perkins said he expects the deal to be done and signed by Self within two weeks.

KU chancellor Robert Hemenway said that Self will remain the school's men's basketball coach "for a long time to come. He has represented this university with class and grace since he first stepped on campus."

Hemenway called Self, "exactly the right person for Kansas basketball."

Echoed Perkins: "I can't think of another coach I'd rather be sitting next to."

Self, 45, has an .816 winning percentage in five seasons as coach of Kansas. Before that, he served as head basketball coach at Illinois, Tulsa and Oral Roberts.

Self lives in Lawrence with wife Cindy and the couple's children, Lauren and Tyler.

"When your family loves it here, first and foremost, you love the people you work with on a daily basis, love the direction of the program, love the positive steps taken since I have been here to build a foundation that could springboard you to the future," the decision to stay became an easy one, Self indicated.


Double 10 years ago

Thanks Coach Self!!!! We are glad that you have chosen Lawrence as your home.

Rickyonealku 10 years ago

Great to read IN SELF WE TRUST WHAT YOU SAY is what you mean Coach Self...and Kansas one side note I just love the T-Shirt with Fed Ex Orange Bowl Champs with a record of 12-1 and 2008 National Champs with a record of 37-3. That shows what a GREAT GREAT year for Kansas has been....thank you Coach Self and Mangino I think I have this right...check it out Jayhawk Fan.

Jay Riner 10 years ago

PUNCTUATION! It's not just for breakfast anymore.

salad 10 years ago

Cause when you get right down to it, even if you call it home and they offer you a $6 million bonus + millions in's STILL not worth having to live in Oklahoma.

whatupdown 10 years ago

Self sounds like a Real Man, Father, and Coach, as we see money has its place but not at the top, important but not at all important. Also; I'll never bag on Perkins again, and hope that all is well with him. To the players; yes you are the best, what an acomplishment.

aliboopy 10 years ago

Self is anything but selfish! Thanks for staying!I'm waiting for April 2009 for another championship!Yeah

fascinating_person 10 years ago

to echo the sentiments of a random loud male voice in the crowd at the Memorial Stadium welcome back ceremony:"I love you Bill!"

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