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Parade of champions planning progresses

April 10, 2008


Plans are in the works for Bill Self, Mario Chalmers and the rest of the NCAA Champion Kansas Jayhawks to ride down Massachusetts Street in the city's first championship parade in two decades.

Joining the team as parade participants Sunday will be athletics support staff, the pep band and members of the Spirit Squad. Unlike years past, there will be no room for public floats, good-luck charms or other folks who might want to join in.

This will be a parade of champions, and citizens of the larger Jayhawk Nation will be invited and encouraged to crowd and cheer from the sidewalks and side streets.

"The reason I came to Kansas was to be involved in an event like this," said Jim Marchiony, an associate athletics director-turned-parade planner in the wake of KU's 75-68 overtime victory over Memphis in Monday's title game.

"I'm just glad it's here, and our fans are glad it's here. We're just looking forward to a great day."

The parade is scheduled to start at 3 p.m. Sunday at Seventh and Massachusetts streets, then move south down Massachusetts to South Park. From there, the team will head directly to Allen Fieldhouse, where members will assemble for an awards ceremony that is free and open to the public.

Fieldhouse doors will open at 5 p.m.


coolmarv 8 years ago

Sounds like the parade may take a whole 6 minutes to pass. I think in 1988 it was a couple of weeks later. I guess they had more time to plan then. Has there been a parade since 1988? 1991, 1993, 2002, 2003?I remember happening by the parade in 1986 on my lunch hour. It was good.

KSChick1 8 years ago

why can't the football team be included in this?

kujayhawk 8 years ago

You get a ring for a Final Four appearance. You get a ring and a parade for a national title.

Baille 8 years ago

"'The reason I came to Kansas was to be involved in an event like this,' said Jim Marchiony."Really, Jim? Cause a couple of days ago you kinda sounded like a jerk about the whole thing."But Marchiony said KU leaders had not discussed a parade, and he was reluctant to do so on Tuesday."'We're going to celebrate the way we want to celebrate,' Marchiony said. 'We're going to do what's best for our student athletes.'"

geniusmannumber1 8 years ago

Where do you get "jerk" from that? I get "Hey, can you let the planes carrying the entire athletic department friggin' land before you make me commit to something I haven't had a chance to discuss?"

termtech215 8 years ago

I agree that the football team should be included. KU has been blessed with fabulous success in the athletic department this year. ALL of it should be included in the celebratin.

pimp11 8 years ago

Football team included-- Yes, But Talib is out blazin' it up and probably wouldnt be able to make it.

RonBurgandy 8 years ago

It is really annoying when everytime an article appears that is not "breaking news" some really smart person has to comment on the fact that it is a "slow news day", "desperate for news" or "why is this news?" Let it be.I agree that the Football team should be a part of it, but it won't stop me from celebrating this!

notwhoyouthink 8 years ago

geniusmannumber1 (Anonymous) says: Where do you get "jerk" from that? I get "Hey, can you let the planes carrying the entire athletic department friggin' land before you make me commit to something I haven't had a chance to discuss?"--------------------------------------------------------------------------FYI it was not the ENTIRE athletics dept...

geniusmannumber1 8 years ago

"FYI it was not the ENTIRE athletics dept:"Yes, and...?

Baille 8 years ago

Dunno I got it from anywhere. His response made him sound like a jerk. Maybe he wasn't and it's just that the correct tone did not come through in the black-and-white version.

Boston_Charley 8 years ago

I got "jerk" from it because it sounded really adolescent--like a line from Napoleon Dynamite. "Celebrate however we WANna celebrate. JEEZ."

motomom 8 years ago

please include our orange bowl winners,too!they deserve more of a celebration than they got.....wait...did they even have a celebration?????it will be the PARADE OF CHAMPIONS!whoooo hoooo GO KU!this is so sweet. : )

stuckinthemiddle 8 years ago

sorry... but I think some of you are barking up the wrong tree with wanting this parade to also be about the orange bowl champs... not that the football players didn't deserve more of a celebration...but... I think including them in this parade would not only take away from the celebration of a national championship team... but it would also seem like a "second thought" gesture...just my thoughts...

jimmyspeachbaskets 8 years ago

You only get a parade if you are a national champion. I love our Orange Bowl, but its not a BCS National Championship and I'd trade 4 orange bowls for 1 national championship. That said, I'll be at the Spring Game and you should be too!

ModSquadGal 8 years ago

He sounded like a jerk saying it because it was a JERK thing to say. He could have said "We aren't sure yet because we haven't had time to catch our breath and get anything organized. Check back in a couple of days and we'll know better what is being planned."Simple.Lew Perkins and his sidekicks need to start realizing that KU and Lawrence are not separate entities. They both exist together because they share a common bond of tradition, education, and pride. That includes basketball champs. They're just as much "our" team as they are the University's. (Same for the football champs!)

lurker 8 years ago

oh yeah Marchiony? Well the Jerk Store called...and they're all out of you!

Deb Stavin 8 years ago

"Unlike years past, there will be no room for public floats, good-luck charms or other folks who might want to join in."Sounds to me like KU wants to get this annoying little townie chore over with as quickly as possible. What a shame! I'm sure lots of younger kids would have loved to participate, and Marty Kennedy's Jayhawk float would have added to the jubilation. The archival film footage on the JW website shows that past parades were respectful of the relationship between the team and its fans, and between KU and the Lawrence community. I'm a KU grad ('84, Music History), and I love the basketball team, but can't help feeling like an unwelcome outsider sometimes. I hope I'll be pleasantly surprised this weekend! Congratulations to our magnificent team and (still) our magnificent coach!--Deb Stavin

aliboopy 8 years ago

That's great! I'm so glad we are having a parade!I think we should have one every week until April 2009 when we win the championship again!

jayhawk166 8 years ago

We have the national champs in basketball here in town but lets not forget the orange bowl champs who didn't get a parade. KU football and basketball had the two greatest seasons in school history we should celebrate both of the teams accomplishments.

KsTwister 8 years ago

You would think the city would set up areas to transport people by bus downtown or to the fieldhouse. Just think the "T" making some fares on its own.

local_support 8 years ago

Put the football team in it. If this is a parade of champions then they should be included.

Kylee Manahan 8 years ago

Yes, the football team needs the recognition too. They should be included in the parade.

Grundoon Luna 8 years ago

Put the football team in the parade, too. The National Champs can lead the Parade, but the Orange Bowl win should be recognized too.

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