Old Home Town – 25 years ago

The Kansas Legislature overwhelmingly ap-proved a compromise version of the minerals severance tax and then adjourned the regular portion of its 1983 session. Gov. John Carlin seemed likely to sign the measure into law, the first of its kind for the state.

The closing of the Lehigh Kansas Color Press operation here for relocation to Texas stirred many fond memories among those who had long been associated with the firm, originally the Kansas Color Press. Nearly a half-century of existence was to end here and about 300 employees were to be affected.

Local women organized a Take Back the Night march to protest the assaults that had been occurring, many of them on or around the Kansas University campus. The focus was on the growing incidence of rape and sexual assault.

Donald Hall of Hallmark described the founding and growth of the famed card-ribbon-puzzle firm during a talk at a meeting of the American Academy of Advertising at the Lawrence Holidome. Hallmark had a large local plant that employed about 900. It had opened in 1958.