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Public input sought on development plan

April 9, 2008


Lawrence-Douglas County planners are beginning work on a massive plan to guide how 4,000 acres along the Farmers Turnpike should develop.

Planners are seeking public input on what issues should be studied as part of the plan. City and county residents have until Friday to participate in the first round of public comment. Comments can be e-mailed to or sent to P.O. Box 708, Lawrence 66044.

The area under study includes the intersection of Interstate 70 and the South Lawrence Trafficway and stretches east about four miles along the Farmers Turnpike, also known as North 1800 Road.

Part the area - the area north of the Lecompton Interchange on the Kansas Turnpike - is being eyed by developers. A group of local developers has asked the city of Lawrence to annex about 155 acres northeast of the interchange. Plans have been proposed to develop the area into a business park.

The City Commission is expected to debate the annexation request at its April 15 meeting. The 4,000-acre sector plan is not expected to be completed until June.


hipper_than_hip 10 years ago

Developers have asked for annexation in April, but the sector plan won't be done until June. The cart is way ahead of the horse folks. The city and county should defer the annexation request until the plan has been completed.

Richard Heckler 10 years ago

Just because the Chamber/real estate/development industry purchase property does not guarantee that construction will be allowed anytime soon. It is NOT the duty of the taxpayer or local government to maximize profits for this or any industry. Otherwise taxpayers realize TAX INCREASES to cover the cost of additional demand on community services.All new projects should be accompanied with:EnvironmentalImpact StudiesEconomic Impact studiesTraffic Impact Studies * Impact Fees or Excise Taxes paid by developers Industrial Park Benefit District for all maintenanceOtherwise taxpayers get stuck with paying for installation and maintenance of all new infrastructure in the end.Lawrence and Douglas County need practical and fiscally responsible new commissioners yesterday. The two new city commissioners do not fit the bill.

Richard Heckler 10 years ago

Where's the money? The powers that be won't maintain our older infrastructure yet there's always money to be spent that expands taxpayers tax bills? Impact Fees and Excise taxes please!If the city is broke why take luxury trips to Washington D.C.?They say services must be cut yet off they go to D.C.?If services are to be cut will spending necessarily be cut?================================Our city/county commissions came to mind when this came across the radio Tuesday morning:BIG-SPENDING GEORGETuesday, April 8, 2008Posted by Jim HightowerGeorge W likes to pose as the Texas president in the rough-hewn, rancher model of Lyndon Johnson.However, George isn't actually a Texan he was born in Connecticut, went to an East Coast prep school and to Ivy League colleges, and he summered in Kennebunkport at his family's oceanfront estate. Nor is he a rancher, as Lyndon was. Yes, George bought a ranchette to boost his cowboy image when he decided to run for president, but this "cowboy" has no cattle and is even afraid of horses that's not quite a "tall-in-the-saddle" president like Johnson.Yet, there is one area where George W has stood taller than the real Texas president: federal spending. LBJ was derided as a big-spending liberal, but he was tight-fisted compared to Bush. While George is now trying to pretend that he's a small-government fiscal conservative, federal spending in his administration has grown by 5.3 percent a year, nearly a full point higher than the rate of increase in the Johnson years, and more than double the annual spending growth under Democrats Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton.Of course, the Bush White House takes no responsibility for anything negative, so it's now trying to blame the billions of dollars that it's dumping into his "war on terrorism" for distorting Bush's spending numbers (maybe the BUSHCO's don't remember that LBJ had a war to finance, too, since so few of them actually served in it). But Bush spending is not just about his mismanaged wars. He has also hiked budgets in most agencies, with a disproportionate share of the increases going to privatization of government, corporate welfare, and right-wing ideological boondoggles.So, now that we hear free-spending George W suddenly posing as Mr. Frugal and demanding that Congress hold the line on spending, remember that no president has spent more of your tax dollars and gotten so little for it as he has."Claims of frugality aside, Bush is biggest spender since LBJ," Austin American Statesman, October 28, 2007send to friend

Ragingbear 10 years ago

Well, first we plan on building a bunch of buildings that nobody will want to use. Then we will build a roundabout on it, then another roundabout on it, and a double roundabout up the street, and then we will pave it with concrete made out of wood chips, so they will have to micro-resurface it every month.

Richard Heckler 10 years ago

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Richard Heckler 10 years ago

One more thing. If this has just come up how can a reasonably well thought out plan be complete in only two months?

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