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Your Fellow Citizen

April 6, 2008


Your Fellow Citizen
By Ronda J. Miller

The editor in chief
Plucks a stranger from the street
Places a reporter's notebook in his hand
Gives him words, but limits them
Teaches ethics, makes him a better citizen
Raps his knuckles through cyberland
"Take your ego out," he demands
"Make it captivating," he explains
"Use your spell check, proofread, please!"
All of this he does with ease
"For you, too, it will become a breeze
Show me a proposal - do not fear
I'll let you put your article here."
But for now, at least, the class is over
The stranger's eyes are glazed
So much information in so few days
He walks back onto the street
He, who once was just a citizen,
Has now become a fellow.

- Ronda J. Miller is a fellow of the Citizen Journalism Academy, which is sponsored by The World Company and the Kansas University School of Journalism.


Denise Gossage 10 years ago

Nice, Ronda. We'll never be the same, will we.

Ronda Miller 10 years ago

Did you just now read this? No, I am changed forever in a better way. It is so nice to have my creative spirit unleashed and encouraged. How about you? :)

bearded_gnome 10 years ago

a star is born. glaze belongs on donuts, not eyes.

Ronda Miller 10 years ago

gnome, I like donutes too! Nice to see you out and about again! :)

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