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Rock Chalk class

A Final Four appearance certainly is cause for celebration. Let’s keep it safe and fun.

April 2, 2008


Whether they win or lose this weekend in San Antonio, the Jayhawk men's basketball team and its coaches can be counted on to be a class act.

As they celebrate the team's performance in the NCAA Final Four, fans here in Lawrence should show that same kind of class.

Revelers flooded into downtown Lawrence Sunday night after Kansas University squeezed out a victory in the Midwest Regional championship game. There wasn't a lot of traffic flow in a two-block stretch of Massachusetts Street, but the good feelings were flowing freely. Police officers stood by to make sure things didn't get out of control, and the crowd was allowed to express its joy over the Jayhawks' victory. The atmosphere may have been a little rowdy, but no significant injuries or property damage were reported.

Similar scenes may be repeated this weekend as KU competes in the Final Four. If they are, we hope they also will be safe and relatively sane gatherings for everyone involved. No matter how seriously KU supporters take their basketball, it's a game that should be fun for both players and fans.

Unfortunately, in recent years, major sports victories have been used as an excuse for wild parties in a team's hometown. Too often these near riots result in property damage, as well as serious injuries. Lawrence had a small taste of that following KU's 1988 NCAA championship game when the revelry resulted in a number of injuries and serious damage to trees and some property.

Having such a successful team in 2008 certainly is reason to celebrate, but we've been here before, we know how it's done. Let's show the nation that the Jayhawks and their fans know the right way to play and to celebrate - with both fun and class.

Go 'Hawks!


Brent Cagle 9 years, 8 months ago

Quote: "...but we've been here before, we know how it's done."KU's last National Championship was 20 years ago. The majority of the college kids who will be the ones getting injured and causing property damage, should the Hawks win a couple games this weekend, weren't even alive the last time. So no, they haven't been there before. If KU wins it all on Monday, injuries and damage to trees and property are a given.

jplanet 9 years, 8 months ago

No major injuries? I saw a girl who was hit by a car very soon after the game was over. The media hounds were even there filming the scene. I'm surprised this news wasn't front page. I assume the girl was fine because the ambulance didnt rush off right away.Everyone needs to keep safety in mind if we do win. I think this incident was a total accident and could have happened any other day or night downtown, but it put me on edge the rest of the evening, especially with all the drinking going on.

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