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Chiropractor meets with physicians

April 2, 2008


Dr. Michael Stuart, owner of Stuart Chiropractic Health Center, Lawrence, recently addressed a group of physicians in La Jolla, Calif., to discuss both treatment and operational efforts.

Stuart discussed chiropractic treatments, along with exercises prescribed to treat pinched nerves and other issues. He also reviewed his office-flow practices, to ensure on-time appointments for patients.

Stuart also discussed the benefits of establishing a relationship with members of the medical community, to develop a cross-referral system regarding the overall health care treatment of patients.

For more information, contact the center at 830-8166.


canyon_wren 10 years ago

There seem to be a number of "quack" chiropractors out there (and at least the same proportion of "quack" doctors) but there are many symptoms that chiropractors can relieve that doctors simply treat with a prescription or expensive test which doesn't solve the problem. It is encouraging that this sort of communication is taking place.

Buggie7 10 years ago

Lets face it . By the docs meeting with him its just humoring him. The doctors in this town rarely write out referrals for one to go and see a chiropractor even though the chiropractor will send referral to the docs. The whold $80.00 a visit is just too good for the docs to pass up and they would rather send you to physical therapy than a chiro. Some of these Chiros here in town Dray, Hill, and Anthony to name a few are really good and I know have saved several people who never needed the surgery that the docs recommended and are doing well now even without the chiro. When you suggest to a doc that you would rather seek out the help of a chiro first they again will very rarely write a referral and then the patient goes anyway just without any insurance backing them up. Im glad they are working together as I said there are few Docs that see chiros as help.

canyon_wren 10 years ago

I was having numbness and tingling and all sorts of weird things after a few sessions at a fitness center and went through the whole bit with a neurologist (practically all medical services are 110 miles away from my home), who did all kinds of tests, including blood profiles, and found no problem. I also went to a local person who practices osteopathic medicine and paid $60 each for 3 visits (out of my own pocket) to have him press on certain spots for a while and then just let me lie there listening to soothing music. He claimed my pelvis, etc. was all messed up. I finally went to a chiropractor whom I had visited in the past and after one adjustment, all the weird stuff quit. I certainly agree that most doctors refuse to acknowledge the good that chiropractors--and ONLY chiropractors--can do for some patients.

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