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What do Wisconsin and a lot of European areas know about wind energy that we don’t?

April 1, 2008


Kansas has all the wind it takes to turn out high amounts of alternative energy and yet Wisconsin is the one making headlines for its success in this promising field involving a cheap renewable source.

Just about any time some individual or firm comes forth with wind power projects for our state, there is instant opposition on the basis of noise, sight impairment or other complaints. But somebody, as in Wisconsin, California and throughout Europe, has figured ways to make this work. Why can't we?

The Milwaukee Journal reports that Wisconsin farmers are making a solid profit off of wind energy. More than 170 turbines due to come on line at two new wind farms will generate enough power for 68,000 homes by summer, the Journal reports. The firm involved is due to pay each farm site up to $8,000 a year after the fans are operational.

"People don't want dirty air and they don't want it produced with coal and nuclear," says farmer John Bertram. "The wind blows every day."

But Wisconsin wind turbine people also have their opponents. As in Kansas, the critics complain about the likely noise and the appearance of the devices. Some say they refuse to travel through "unsightly" areas where there are turbines. There are charges that the costs are too high for the results. Yet Kansas is battling over coal-fired energy, has not devised effective devices to harness solar power and faces some opposition to nuclear plants. So will anything be done to approximate the Wisconsin experience?

The odds are not high, although there is currently a worldwide waiting list for wind turbine equipment, which manufacturers can't turn out fast enough. Somebody must know something we don't.


SteelHorseRider 9 years, 8 months ago

gccs14r is correct.Our US DOE website indicates Germany is getting 25% of their power requirements from wind turbines. On a trip through the backbone of Italy last year there were numerous wind turbines on hilltops and they ENHANCED the view! Even the Saudis know something we don't! I work and live in Saudi Arabia, the "land of oil", and yet even here they use solar panels to power a large number of the numerous cell phone towers scattered throughout the Kingdom.

gccs14r 9 years, 8 months ago

They know how to keep the paleoenergy conglomerates from interfering with advances in renewable energy.

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