Letters to the Editor

Track tradition

September 29, 2007


To the editor:

I am responding to the letter to the editor titled "Stadium seating." Apparently, the "Missouri" resident is unfamiliar with the history and rich tradition of Memorial Stadium as it relates to Kansas Jayhawk track and field teams.

The Olympic and world record holders who competed in Memorial Stadium for and against Kansas University reads like a who's who of track and field. Athletes savor the thrill of running in Memorial Stadium and consider it one of the highlights of their career, with the beautiful setting of the campus overlooking the stadium.

It is probably inevitable that some day a new stadium will be built outside of Memorial Stadium for the track and field team. Until that day arrives, thanks to Lew Perkins and the athletic department, we can be thankful the current generation of young athletes may have the privilege and memory of competing on the same track where so many track and field legions of that sport competed over the past several decades.

Dick Wilson,



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