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Nudity ban sought on Mount Everest

September 27, 2007


— Attention climbers: Please keep your clothes on while climbing Mount Everest.

Nepal's mountaineering authorities are calling for a ban on nudity and attempts to set obscene records on the world's highest mountain, officials said Wednesday.

Last year, a Nepali climber claimed the world's highest display of nudity when he disrobed for several minutes while standing on the 29,035-foot summit with the temperature about 14 degrees Fahrenheit.

"There should be strict regulations to discourage such attempts by climbers," said Ang Tshering, president of Nepal Mountaineering Association.

Other record-setting attempts that sparked controversy included a Dutch man who attempted to scale the peak wearing only shorts.

The people who live on the foot hill of Everest worship the mountain as a god and mountaineering authorities have asked the government to ban disrespectful stunts on Everest, Tshering said.

Mount Everest has always attracted record-setters, including the oldest climber (71 years old), the youngest climber (15 years old), the first climber with one foot and the first blind climber. In 2005, a Nepali couple exchanged vows on the summit as the first couple to get married on Everest.

Since Mount Everest was first scaled in 1953 by New Zealander Edmund Hillary and Sherpa guide Tenzing Norgay, thousands of people have scaled the mountain.


whatupdown 9 years ago

What, no more new Mount Everest mile high club members?

bearded_gnome 9 years ago

well, now that's a RELIEF! glad we got this problem under control now!

sourpuss 9 years ago

Sounds like some people with too much time on their hands.

Christine Pennewell Davis 9 years ago

Well guess the time limit would work, just long enough time for frost bite to set in and ruin some peoples whole day:) Some people just need brains I guess

waydownsouth 9 years ago

The fact that this is a problem is disturbing. Sane people do not do these type of things. Kinda funny now that i think about it.

kneejerkreaction 9 years ago

Everest nudity?.....records?.....I'm thinking of a new record attempt in a WHOLE 'nuther category.

waydownsouth 9 years ago

Awe defender did I strike a nerve with you. Or have you climbed Mt Everest in the nude and is offended by my remark.

kneejerkreaction 9 years ago

....there goes my

Eric Neuteboom 9 years ago

There was shrinkage! I was climbing Everest! It was 14 degrees!

waydownsouth 9 years ago

I must have struck a nerve or you would not have a commet. Or your life long dream is now banned.

Nick Yoho 9 years ago

how anyone in this world can feel sane enough to judge an others sanity is beyond me.

Or is it just me?Does anyone else think the "world"has gone insane?

I mean whats it called when we know we live unsustainable lives,and keep on living that way anyway?

waydownsouth 9 years ago

Well Andini there is always Antartica no regulations that i know of. Just make sure you take a blanket.

Frederic Gutknecht IV 9 years ago

Why...That's CRAZY talk, Kaw. Even though Homo sapiens are the only crazy species on the planet and we now number 6,620,996,451+ doesn't mean the "world" has gone crazy. It simply means that there's more crazies IN the world!~)

Frederic Gutknecht IV 9 years ago

Nobody carries dead bodies down off of Everest. Having some frozen, nude, fool statue hanging around up there for a hundred years is enough to seal the mountains place in history as a locus of human achievement and stupidity. OK. That's a done DEAL but there's no reason not to outlaw it out of respect for other climbers and the people of the region. It'll be hard to enforce!~)

acg 9 years ago

Instead of banning nudity, how about we ban leaving your air tanks and other assorted trash behind you when you leave/die. It really gets me to see how trashy it has gotten up there, all because rich bored people think it's okay to just dump their crap where ever they want. Grrr.

acg 9 years ago

Other than my mini-rant, I think this is hysterical. If you make it to the top of Everest, I think you should get to shake your stuff at the world, if you are so inclined. But, take your trash with you on your way back down please. And cover up around the sherpas. Those poor folks aren't paid enough to tote your stuff and have to see all of that.

Write2Know 9 years ago

If they don't crack down on nudity now, Mount Everest runs the risk of becoming another sleazy place like the North Lawrence Riverfront Park.

i_have_only_valid_opinions 9 years ago

If you have oral sex at the summit of Mt. Everest, does it have the same effect as licking the flag pole did in elementary school? Do we really need a ban? Let people do it once and they would learn it's not fun.

i_have_only_valid_opinions 9 years ago

"Write2Know (Anonymous) says:

If they don't crack down on nudity now, Mount Everest runs the risk of becoming another sleazy place like the North Lawrence Riverfront Park."

I keep hearing jokes and stories about this park area, but I've never experienced anything shady there. Does weird stuff really happen there very often? Is it the homeless people doing things or other shady peeps?

GretchenJP 9 years ago

Yay for nudity! Hip Hip HOORAY!

tangential_reasoners_anonymous 9 years ago

I'm standing naked on my roof, at this very moment, in protest of the ban!

GretchenJP 9 years ago

tangential_reasoners_anonymous: I seeee yoooou!! waving

GretchenJP 9 years ago

Ya mention nudity and us perverts get all giddy. Wheeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

compmd 9 years ago

acg (Anonymous) says:

Instead of banning nudity, how about we ban leaving your air tanks and other assorted trash behind you when you leave/die.

That's right! When you die, you had better take your garbage with you! :)

bearded_gnome 9 years ago

instead of a ban, there should be licenses issued, and a registry maintained. pictures published on the net, helicopter shots of the summit in action...whole new form of internet porn.
just look at the revenue! along with the tanks, and other junk, take that frozen condom down too. could be worth something.

toefungus 9 years ago

Since it is not our country, it is none of our business.

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