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Planned ethanol plant draws resistance

September 23, 2007


— A proposal to build a $200 million ethanol plant in Shawnee County met stiff resistance at a public hearing, where nearly all of the 29 speakers opposed the plan.

About 150 people attended a public hearing Friday evening on whether the state should grant an air permit to Emerald Renewable Energy, a subsidiary of Cargill, which wants to build the plant on a 300-acre site in northwest Shawnee County.

Opponents said the ethanol plant would create pollution, use too much water and hurt a nearby residential area. One supporter said the plant would meet or exceed government safety regulations and would have special devices to restrict odor.

Representatives of the Kansas Department of Health and Environment said the state would provide written response to the speakers' questions but did not say when a decision on the air permit might be made.

Mick Mines, a representative of Emerald Renewable Energy, met with opponents before the public hearing. He said the proposed ethanol plant would release 300 to 400 tons of emissions per year, noting that most cars emit about 6 tons of pollutants per year.

The proposed plant would produce 100 million gallons of ethanol per year and 330,000 tons of distillery grains, he said, using 1.2 million gallons of water per day, most of it for the cooling towers. Mines also said the plant would employ about 40 people.

The Joint Economic Development Organization has already offered Emerald Renewable $290,000 in incentives, $50,000 in land acquisition options and has offered an incentive of $5,714 per job created.

Mines acknowledged that the ethanol-making process produces an odor, but said thermal oxidizers at the plant will break down odor-producing compounds.


Reality_Check 6 years, 6 months ago

The issue isn't about building one plant: It's about the boondoggle that ethanol has become, and how we are quickly overbuilding refining capacity for ethanol and biodiesel while totally neglecting adding refining capacity for gasoline. (Gas refineries, which we haven't built in this country in 40 years, run at 90% plus capacity...shut a few down due to hurricanes and equipment failures, and you have a real crisis in supply of finished petrol.)

Meanwhile, ethanol has way less energy per gallon than gasoline, diesel or biodiesel, so you need more of it to go the same distance. Result: Shorter range vehicles, more trips to the station, etc. DUMB.

They need to replace the Premium gasoline pump with biodiesel and give tax breaks for folks to buy diesel cars. They also need to put a gas guzzler tax on all new cars and trucks which don't get 20 mpg and aren't being purchased by a business that filed a tax return in the previous year.

Nah, once again, this would all make too much sense.


warthog 6 years, 6 months ago

So we all want a renewable energy source, just "not in my back yard", is that it? Seems like any resource is going to come with a price tag. We just want someone else to make the payments.


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