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Kansas hiker settles bill for rescue

September 18, 2007


— A Kansas hiker who was billed $5,135 for his rescue in Clear Creek Canyon has settled the bill by paying 10 percent.

"I think all parties ended up happy with the outcome," city spokeswoman Sabrina D'Agosta said Monday.

David Seals, of Topeka, was rescued June 11 after severely spraining his ankle during a hike with his brother and a friend, Eurich Garcia.

Four days later, the Fire Department billed him.

The West Metro Fire Protection District also helped with the rescue but backed off plans to charge Seals $2,400.

Rescue groups and some sheriffs objected to the bill out of concern that charging stranded hikers could lead to delays in calling for help.

Garcia, of Topeka, said he negotiated with City Manager Mike Bestor and offered 10 percent of the bill or nothing.

Last month, the city billed Seals $502.11, which was promptly paid.

"It's done and we don't have to deal with it no more," said Seals, 35.

"I'm just real happy."

D'Agosta said Golden had always been willing to negotiate. The agency traditionally only recoups about 20 percent of such charges, she said.

She said the fire department only bills for rescue calls outside Golden.


kayakncolo 10 years, 8 months ago

If you go to Colorado for hiking , spelunking, kayaking ,basically anything that has a danger risk, purchase a state fishing license, It has RESCUE insurance that goes with it...dummies...

Lib_ee12 10 years, 8 months ago

Its true! Thanks kayakncolo! I looked it up, I think 25cents is worth helping a state with a high tourist rescue rate. Good to know!

Jayhawk_N_Denver 10 years, 8 months ago

kayakncolo, thanks for sharing that information. I think the problem is that many out-of-staters aren't aware that you should purchase a fishing license if you're planning on doing any outdoor fun in our beautiful state (except for fishing of course, everyone should know you need a fishing license for that. Kansans are required to get them too).

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