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Patrols seek hit-and-run witnesses along U.S. 59

September 17, 2007


Law enforcement officers spent more than an hour this morning stopping vehicles along U.S. Highway 59, where two highway workers were killed in a hit-and-run incident last week.

"It's helping us maybe make contact with people who may have seen something or may have something that will help us with our investigation," Douglas County Sheriff's Lt. Kari Wempe said.

Officers stopped vehicles at a checkpoint from 9 a.m. to 10:15 a.m., Wempe said.

Killed on Sept. 11, when a pickup truck barreled through a construction zone, were Tyrone T. Korte, 30, Seneca, and Rolland "Ron" Griffith, 24, El Dorado.

Two women who were allegedly in a truck that led a trooper on a chase in Osage County shortly after the incident were being held in jail.

Ramona I. Morgan, 48, faces several traffic charges in Osage County, including fleeing and attempting to elude the trooper. She is in the Osage County Jail. Her daughter, Sabrina J. Morgan, 26, is charged with aiding a felon and was moved to Douglas County Jail Thursday at 2:30 p.m. on the Osage County hold.

Douglas County District Attorney Charles Branson said the Osage County Jail is small and the two women could not adequately be kept separated. Osage County asked for another county jail to take one of the women, Branson said.

No charges have yet been filed against the women in Douglas County.

On Tuesday resurfacing work on U.S. 59 will resume, according to the Kansas Department of Transportation. The work was suspended after the incident, which occurred at the southern edge of Pleasant Grove.


Emily Hadley 10 years ago

Good lord; at first I thought this was another hit-and-run incident.

matahari 10 years ago

why don't they offer a reward? they'll be many a witness suddenly appear!

Emily Hadley 10 years ago

I know everything helps, but I was thinking that perhaps a temporary sign with a phone number at this location would be a better way to reach those with information than to stop every car for a very short time period.

kneejerkreaction 10 years ago

matahari (Anonymous) says: why don't they offer a reward? they'll be many a witness suddenly appear!

The last time the Dg Cty Sheriff's office offered a reward they reneged on the deal because the woman who called in called 911 and not their reward line number. How cheezy. Besides, isn't there enough physical evidence on the front of their truck and the bodies of the murdered workers? I'd think there'd be more than enough to put the murderers away for a long time.

Rick Aldrich 10 years ago

the day this happened there was a post on here from a person that was behind the truck with the 2 ladys that crashed the site. she saw it all by the way see talked. some one needs to contact this person.

Baille 10 years ago

"Besides, isn't there enough physical evidence on the front of their truck and the bodies of the murdered workers?"

No. There is not. That the truck struck and killed these young men seems to be undisputable; however, whether the act involved is manslaughter or murder relies on teh specific facts that then must be applied to the law. The appropriate facts must be gathered in order to know how to charge these individuals. Not every wrongful killing is murder in the first degree - or even murder at all.

Baille 10 years ago

"some one needs to contact this person."

They already have. There were follow up posts to that effect as well as a mention of her in the ljworld.

Nikki May 10 years ago

touringdriver, that person came back and said they had contacted the police.

erod0723 10 years ago

"Not every wrongful killing is murder in the first degree - or even murder at all." But the fact they were fleeing a felony can help boost it to first degree murder.

janeb 10 years ago

Vehicular manslaughter is the worst charge that can be levid unless someone in the truck heard the women plot to plow down the workers.

enterprise 10 years ago

I am confident that our appointed law officials are taking every step in assuring that this case is solved and these guilty women are punished in the harshest way possible. I am not sure that a reward is the source of solving a case that has already been solved. The details that will explain why they did it should come from honest law abiding citizens who would like to help and by doing so will recieve an intrinsic reward anyway.

I agree that they should just put up a sign for travelers who may have information to call. The last thing we need is another accident.

Tom Miller 10 years ago

I don't live there, or I'd do it myself...someone take the time, please, to do just that. Don't wait for someone else to do it, just take care of it. A sign with a phone number makes great sense.

Baille 10 years ago

"But the fact they were fleeing a felony can help boost it to first degree murder."

Really? You sure about that? Cause according to KSA 21-3401 fleeing a felony can only lead to capital murder charges if the killing is done during the flight - not if the flight occurs after the killing.

KSA 21-3401(b) Murder in the first degree. Murder in the first degree is the killing of a human being committed in the commission of, attempt to commit, or flight from an inherently dangerous felony.

Kinda makes sense if you think about it,

justthefacts 10 years ago

A sign with a phone # is only a good idea if people can read and memorize it QUICKLY (while driving past). Otherwise, you'll have people who cause another wreck by pulling off or slowing way down in order to write down the # etc.

Of course anyone who may have witnessed a crime should do their civic duty and report what they know/saw. The authorities can decide how much information is important and who will be needed to testify later. That's their job.

However, all too often, the police get contacted only by the "nuts" who want to get some attention or THINK something but have no actual knowledge and all too often they authorities do NOT get contacted by the actual witnesses b/c people do not want to "get involved." Too often people wait for others to do what is necessary or right. And that all too often means that things do not get done (well or at all). How many times has a case had to be dismissed or pled down simply b/c the people who could have provided more information did not want to do so?

So, for anyone who has ever said "why don't they do something about that" - here's a chance to remind yourself that "They" are in fact "us/we/you." Get involved and help out, or be quiet the next time someone (In government or privately) does you wrong and no one volunteers to help out.

Kookamooka 10 years ago

This isn't good. If they don't have any witnesses, these reckless ladies will walk.

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