Free State brew tops ‘Draft’ list

So, you can’t make it across the pond to sample suds at Oktoberfest in Germany.

Your best alternative stateside – or anywhere else North America, according to the folks at Draft magazine – soon will be pouring out of taps on Massachusetts Street.

Free State Brewing Co.’s seasonal Octoberfest beer is the finest one accessible on the continent, according to the magazine’s September/October issue.

“Without a doubt, the best Oktoberfest available here,” the magazine says, in its “Top 10 Oktoberfest Beers You Can Get in North America” list. “It’s dangerously delicious. In fact, you shouldn’t even try it. Just leave it all for us.”

Free State will start serving its own lauded lager next weekend. Free State will have 45 barrels available, or enough to fill 12,754 standard Free State glasses.

“Octoberfest is one of those classic beer styles that people have enjoyed for centuries,” said Chuck Magerl, the brewery’s proprietor. “To have ours show up on a top 10 list – and top the list – is just a wonderful acknowledgment. So often places on the East and the West coasts are the only ones that gather media attention, and there are some wonderful things happening in the Midwest.”