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Architecture professor’s book wins national prize

September 16, 2007


A book encouraging better design of adult and dementia day care centers written by an architecture professor at Kansas University and two colleagues has won a national prize.

Keith Diaz Moore, associate professor and chairman of architecture at KU, and his co-authors, Lyn Geboy and Gerald Weisman, of Milwaukee, have won the 2007 Joel Polsky Prize given by the American Society of Interior Design educational foundation.

Their book, "Designing a Better Day: Guidelines for Adult and Dementia Day Services Centers," was published in 2006 by the Johns Hopkins University Press. Geboy is an architectural researcher, and Weisman directs the Institute on Aging and Environment in the School of Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. The Polsky prize, which recognizes the most significant contribution to design research and literature, will be presented at the March 2008 ASID Conference on Design in New Orleans.


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