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Authorities say six friends, family helped suspect elude police officers

September 15, 2007


— Suspected cop killer Shawn Labeet eluded authorities for more than 12 hours Thursday with the help of six friends and relatives who shepherded him from the suburbs of South Miami-Dade to the confines of a Pembroke Pines condominium complex, police say.

On Friday, the names and faces of all six were forever associated with South Florida's third police shooting in barely a month.

Miami-Dade police charged Shawn Labeet's brother and five others with helping Labeet flee to Broward County after he managed to elude an intensive manhunt after one Miami-Dade officer died and three others were wounded in a shooting.

Investigators think five of the six formed a relay to help spirit the fugitive to a condo complex in Pembroke Pines, where a Miami-Dade police tactical team confronted Labeet in a bathroom and fatally shot him 11 or 12 times late Thursday.

Police said the sixth suspect, Labeet's girlfriend, had misled them earlier in the day on his whereabouts.

Police also disclosed that Labeet did not fire his 9 mm semiautomatic weapon as officers closed in on him, but was killed when he refused orders to drop the gun.

Dr. Joshua Perper, the Broward County medical examiner, said late Friday that Labeet was shot 11 or 12 times by Miami-Dade police.

He said the autopsy, partially completed Friday, showed the two bullets that did the most damage entered through his right flank, went up into and through his liver, then into his lungs in his chest cavity.

New details emerged Friday about how Labeet for years impersonated a Jacksonville, Fla., man whose identity he apparently stole. Labeet used the alias of Kevin Wehner to sign up to vote in Miami-Dade, register at least two cars and even file a case in small-claims court following an auto accident.

More significantly, police say, Labeet purchased six high-powered assault weapons and three handguns between December 2005 and March 2006 under Wehner's name.

The details of how Labeet got to Broward from the scene of the shootings in South Miami-Dade were unclear until Friday, when police arrested Shane Labeet, 32, who was charged with aiding his brother's flight, and the suspected killer's nephew, Jaleel Torres, 22. Torres was charged with resisting an officer with violence as investigators tried to question him about his uncle's whereabouts.

Also charged were Alba Bello, 47; her son, Alain Gonzalez, 24; and Bello's boyfriend, Lazaro Guardiola, 35. Each has been charged with acting as an accessory after the fact for harboring Labeet.

The sixth person charged was Labeet's girlfriend, Renee D'Angelo, 26. Police say she gave detectives the alias of Wehner for Labeet, misleading detectives and delaying the investigation.


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