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Proposal to ban odd names withdrawn

September 14, 2007


— Venezuelan officials withdrew a proposal to bar parents from giving their children odd names like Edigaith, Mileidy or Superman, the state-run news agency reported Thursday.

The National Electoral Council had proposed banning "names that expose (children) to ridicule, are extravagant or difficult to pronounce" or raise doubts about whether a child is a girl or a boy.

But the clause prohibiting odd monikers was axed after child protection officials warned it could violate "the right to liberty," Electoral Council member Sandra Oblitas was quoted as saying by the Bolivarian News Agency.

While unusual names appear in many countries, many Venezuelans seem to have an inclination to give their children nontraditional names. Some are creative spellings of English names like Maikel or Jhonny; others, such as Edis or Orlayny, are of uncertain origin.


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