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City debates strict order for fast food

September 13, 2007


— As America gets fatter, policymakers are seeking creative approaches to legislating health. They've been entering the school cafeteria - and now they're eyeing your neighborhood.

Amid worries of an obesity epidemic and related illnesses, including high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease, Los Angeles officials, among others around the country, are proposing to limit new fast-food restaurants - a tactic that could be called health zoning.

The City Council will be asked this fall to consider a moratorium of up to two years on new fast-food restaurants in south L.A., a part of the city where fast food is at least as much a practicality as a preference.

"The people don't want them, but when they don't have any other options, they may gravitate to what's there," said Councilwoman Jan Perry, who proposed the ordinance in June and whose district includes portions of South L.A. that would be affected.


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