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Golden Quran to be exhibited in Iran

September 5, 2007


— A Russian copy of the Quran, etched onto 162 sheets of 99.9 percent pure gold, worth $5.9 million, will be exhibited in Iran's capital later this month.

Fourteen pages of the book have already been sent to Tehran for an exhibition of sacred Islamic texts, which will be held from Sept. 22 to Oct. 2, Vladimir Prusakov, the head of the company that ordered the Golden Quran project, told RIA Novosti.

The book is a faithful copy of the Uthman Quran, considered to be the world's oldest surviving copy of Islam's holy book. The golden version even replicates the stain of blood from the assassination of the third Caliph, Uthman ibn Affan, which is still visible on the original.

The Golden Quran was made by the Moscow Mint, over a period of 18 months.


Ragingbear 10 years, 6 months ago

Joseph Smith isn't gonna like this one.

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