Not so neighborly

To the editor:

Friday morning, Aug. 31, I witnessed just how “neighborly” and “friendly” this town is. As I approached the intersection of Sixth and Monterey Way, I noticed a vehicle with its emergency flashers on in the left turn lane. I asked the girl inside if she needed help and her answer was a pleading yes. Apparently she was having electrical problems with her vehicle.

I parked and went to her aid, only to hear while crossing the street, the sounds of car horns blowing at her. I got to her vehicle, calmed her down and got the car moving again. Not one other “neighbor” even looked as if they would come to her aid. All they could do was sit in their vehicles, cell phones and/or Starbucks in hand, blowing their horns.

I don’t know if this girl was a college student or a full-time resident, and it doesn’t really matter. What mattered to me was getting her out of the intersection and calmed down. Apparently what mattered to her “neighbors” was that she get the hell out of their “oh so important” way and give them their way to speed down Sixth Street to their “oh so important” jobs. A two-minute delay was just too much for some.

I don’t write this letter to toot my own horn, but if you see someone needing help don’t toot yours. Get out of your car and help. Who knows, it could be your daughter, mother, wife, husband, son or “neighbor.”

Robert Tyler,