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Tony Snow resigns; deputy takes his place

September 1, 2007


President Bush named a new press secretary on Friday, replacing the high-profile showman Tony Snow with his quieter, stickler-for-detail deputy, Dana Perino.

Snow, 52, battling cancer, said he was stepping down because he needed to earn more than his $168,000 White House salary - an amount far less than he made as host of the "Tony Snow Show" on Fox News Radio and "Weekend Live with Tony Snow" on the Fox News Channel. "I ran out of money," said Snow, the father of three.

Perino, 35, will be only the second woman to be White House press secretary when she takes over Sept. 14.

"He leaves very big shoes to fill, and I only wear a size 6," said Perino, who is "almost 5-feet-1."


Fred Whitehead Jr. 10 years, 8 months ago

Another rat jumping the sinking ship. Great career move, though, he can go back to his previous focus of being a Puss Bimbo wannabe.

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