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Monks deny online tale of ninja who bested them

September 1, 2007


— China's Shaolin Temple has demanded a public apology from an Internet user who claimed a Japanese ninja beat its kung fu-practicing monks in a showdown, a lawyer said Friday.

An open letter from the temple posted on the Internet Thursday denied the fight ever took place and called on the person who posted the claim to apologize to the temple's martial arts masters.

Monks from the temple, nestled in the Songshan Mountains of central China's Henan province, said they will consider legal action if the person doesn't make a public apology.

The incident comes amid lingering tensions between China and Japan over World War II atrocities. China is highly sensitive to anything that smacks of Japanese militarism, particularly because many believe Tokyo has yet to show adequate remorse for its wartime actions in China.


just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 10 years, 4 months ago

I recently read a very entertaining book call American Shaolin, by Matthew Polly. He's a writer who grew up in Topeka, and dropped out of Princeton in the early nineties to spend two years studying at Shaolin. Anyway, a good read that helps explain why the Shaolin Temple is sensitive about this.

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