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Magazine provides tips for taming jealousy

October 29, 2007


Spouses, partners, siblings and friends who find themselves green with envy and wanting to return to their normal shade need look no further than the November issue of Good Housekeeping. Psychiatrist Dr. Keith Ablow has provided the magazine's readers with the following tips on taming the ugly green monster:

¢ Find the source of your jealousy and ask yourself, "Would I really want that particular thing in my life?" More money, for example, means trading in free time for longer work hours.

¢ Remember that what goes around comes around. The object of today's jealous rage could be the same person who needs your help and compassion tomorrow.

¢ Lastly, if you really do desire to have what another person has, don't just sulk about it; take a positive step toward attaining it.


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