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First lady likely to take over the presidency

October 28, 2007


— President Nestor Kirchner and his wife are poised to launch a new political dynasty today in an election that promises to replace him with her.

Argentines are grateful to Kirchner for engineering a recovery from a 2001 economic crisis that savaged the middle class, and that has translated into such broad support for his wife, Sen. Cristina Fernandez, that she will likely avoid a second round.

Argentine law prevents more than two consecutive terms, but a husband-and-wife team could alternate in power for as long as their support continues.

Kirchner has taken on the role of cheerleader during the campaign, saying little except that he relishes the idea of becoming "first gentleman." But Fernandez has left little doubt that a vote for her is a vote for him, stressing his accomplishments more than any proposals of her own.


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